Looking for the best WhatsApp trading signals? There is a giant selection of free groups that WhatsApp users can join to get live trading tips on crypto and forex (FX). But, with even the best whatsapp cryptocurrency groups, there is always the danger that the signals are being used to pump crypto, phish for telephone numbers or simply sell advertising space.

Below we review five of the best trading signals providers. We include WhatsApp forex signals as well as crypto. The aim is to focus on authentic signals providers that offer investors a real competitive edge.

5 Best WhatsApp Trading Signals Ranked

Below we review five of the best trading signals platforms:

  1. Dash 2 Trade: Next-Level Signals/Analytics Platform Superior to WhatsApp Trading Signals
  2. Cryptosignals.org: Best Alternative to Trading Signals WhatsApp
  3. Learn 2 Trade: Popular Alternative to Free Forex Signals WhatsApp
  4. ForexGDP: Forex Signals WhatsApp Group
  5. Crypto VIP Signals: Crypto Signals WhatsApp Group

Dash 2 Trade - New Gate.io Listing

Our Rating

Dash 2 Trade
  • Also Listed on Bitmart, Changelly, LBank, Uniswap
  • Collaborative Trading Platform Token
  • Featured in Bitcoinist, Cointelegraph
  • Solid Proof Audited, CoinSniper KYC Verified
  • Trading Community of 70,000+ Members
Dash 2 Trade

Best WhatsApp Trading Signals Reviewed

We kick off our list with the most exciting project to hit the signals and analytics scene in 2023 – cutting-edge platform Dash 2 Trade, whose in-house crypto D2T is available in presale.

1. Dash 2 Trade (D2T): Next-Level Signals/Analytics Platform Superior to WhatsApp Trading Signals

As the best crypto signals provider, Dash 2 Trade stands head and shoulders above the best WhatsApp cryptocurrency groups. This pioneering platform gives crypto investors the first-rate intelligence they need to trade with confidence in today’s still-growing crypto sector. And, best of all, investors can get in on the Dash 2 Trade success story at the ground floor by buying the D2T token in its presale stage right now.

This revolutionary project is the brainchild of the successful team behind Learn 2 Trade (reviewed below), the signals provider with 40k active users. We can be sure, therefore, that Dash 2 Trade is built on hard-earned experience giving investors what they actually need to spot winners and trade triumphantly in today’s overcrowded crypto sector.

Dash 2 Trade provides far more than crypto signals hand-curated by a dedicated Quant team. On top of signals, the platform delivers a powerful suite of related trading and analytics tools:

  • Elite trading signals (based on the successful Learn 2 Trade model) with clear entry/exit information.
  • Social sentiment analysis to pinpoint the fastest growing crypto.
  • On-chain analysis to spot the best emerging cryptocurrencies.
  • The best crypto presale opportunities ranked according to numerous criteria.
  • Real-time alerts for new listings on centralized and decentralized exchanges.
  • An awesome strategy builder that allows investors to test their trading ideas in sandbox mode.
  • One of the best crypto trading bots for automated strategy implementation.

Dash 2 Trade uses a simple at-a-glance dashboard system. Users therefore have a central hub with which to coordinate their entire crypto trading strategy.

Dash 2 Trade offers 3 subscription models:

  1. Free (a taster of what is possible)
  2. Starter (costs 400 D2T per month) – the entire suite of core performance tools
  3. Premium (costs 1000 D2T per month) – all core tools plus more: whale wallet watch, pro market indicators, 100+ watchlists and Discord trading competition channel
Number of Signals Depends on subscription plan
Free Signals Depends on subscription plan
Fees Payable in D2T token; details to be announced
Features Not just crypto signals but a whole suite of analytics, social sentiment analysis, backtesting, social trading, strategy builder as well as ranked crypto presales

Dash 2 Trade Crypto D2T in Presale Now

The Dash 2 Trade presale phase has been dramatically shortened in the light of ructions in the crypto sector – so it is even more important than usual with a presale for investors to act now.

The original presale had a hard cap of 665 million D2T tokens and $40 million. That has been slashed to just 262.5 million D2T tokens and a hard cap of just under $13.5 million.

Time is running out fast.

We are 89% of the way through presale stage 3. There is only one more presale stage to go. Currently the price of 1 D2T is 0.0513 USDT. In stage 4 of the presale, this is guaranteed to rise to 0.0533 USDT – delivering an immediate paper profit to investors who buy D2T now.

Price Stage Price Stage Amount Raised In Stage Token Allocation
1 $0.0476 $1,666,000 35,000,000
2 $0.0500 $3,500,000 70,000,000
3 $0.0513 $3,591,000 70,000,000
4 $0.0533 $4,663,750 87,500,000
TOTAL $13,420,000 262,500,000

As soon as the presale is over, D2T is set to be released on centralized exchanges LBank and BitMart – with more listings to be announced in the coming weeks. The coin is likely to be acknowledged as one of the best IEO cryptos (Initial Exchange Offering).

Investors may buy D2T right now in just four steps:

  1. Set up a MetaMask crypto wallet (arguably the most useful of all crypto wallets, with its great exchange diversity; also free)
  2. Connect your crypto wallet to the Dash 2 Trade presale platform.
  3. Purchase D2T tokens using Tether (USDT) or Ethereum (ETH).
  4. Receive your D2T tokens direct to your wallet when the presale ends.
Min Investment 1000 D2T
Max Investment NA
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT
Blockchain Ethereum (ERC-20 token)

Keep in touch with the latest developments via the Dash 2 Trade Telegram channel.

2. Cryptosignals.org: Best Alternative to Trading Signals WhatsApp

Launched in 2014, CryptoSignals.org is recognized as one of the best crypto alert sites with 10,000 users.

The experienced CryptoSignals team delivers comprehensive signals on upcoming crypto trade opportunities via Telegram. An 82% success rate is claimed, with each signal containing full technical analysis on the rationale behind the trade as well as 5 crucial nuggets of information:

  1. Entry Point – the price to enter the trade
  2. Take Profit Point – the price projected at which it makes sense to exit the trade in profit
  3. Stop Loss Point – the price at which the trader should bail, with the trade going south
  4. Amount to Risk Per Trade – just a friendly suggestion from the team
  5. Risk Reward Ratio – the team errs towards caution, with risk generally 1:2 and 1:3

Cryptocurrencies covered include BTC, ETH, DOT, ADA, XRP and LINK.

Instead of choosing to buy Bitcoin on the basis of dubious WhatsApp bitcoin trading signals, for example, subscribers can trust in the proven CryptoSignals team to spot a key trading opportunity. The subscriber can then use one of the best crypto exchanges to set up their trade. And, with 2-3 VIP signals a day, there is plenty of chance to hit the jackpot with some winning action.

Pricing is provided on a sliding scale; so the longer traders commit for, the cheaper the price. The most expensive option is to be billed monthly for £42. The far cheaper option is to be billed annually for £210.

Users can get lifetime access to the CryptoSignals.org VIP signals package free by registering and then making a minimum investment of $250 with the broker AvaTrade (one of the best CFD brokers) – or, more excitingly, by committing $250 to the Dash 2 Trade presale.

Number of Signals 2-3 a day
Free Signals 3 a week
Fees Free option, otherwise sliding scale applies: cheapest is £210 annual subscription
Features 30-day moneyback guarantee, flexible pricing, 82% success rate claimed

Learn2Trade offers both crypto and FX signals from an impressive website. The depth of clear information and educational support onsite puts the average daily forex signals WhatsApp group to shame.

What really makes Learn2Trade stand out is the strength of its existing user community. It has registered 70k+ users of its free Telegram signals service (forex + crypto). This tells us this provider is onto something. Legitimacy is a key concern in the signals space – as we have learned from looking at one crypto signals WhatsApp group after another. Learn 2 Trade even features the odd photograph of its key traders (many of whom have 15 years trading experience).

Learn2Trade offers a sliding scale of subscription for its VIP service. The longer traders sign up for, the cheaper the price.

  • The most expensive option is to pay £40 a month. This unlocks up to 5 signals a day (with a stated 76% success rate) with entry, take profit and stop loss points provided – as well as a suggested figure to risk on the trade and a risk/reward ratio rating.
  • The cost almost halves for traders willing to sign up with the most popular option of a 6-month subscription: £129 billed every six months.

Confident that they have a product worth having, Learn2Trade offer as a taster a free Telegram group with 3 VIP forex signals a week (entry price only), daily technical analysis and mobile notifications for key economic events.

However they engage with Learn2Trade, users can then execute the suggested trades with one of the best forex trading apps.

Traders looking to maximise their investment can gain lifetime access to Learn2Trade VIP signals by investing at least $250 in D2T – the in-house token for stellar new crypto analytics and trading platform Dash 2 Trade. Dash 2 Trade has been created by the experienced team behind Learn2Trade. Nothing hones a product like hands-on experience. So Dash 2 Trade’s superiority to anything else on the market is not surprising.

Number of Signals Up to 5 per day
Free Signals 3 per week
Fees £21.5 a month for VIP signals – or free lifetime access for investors of $250 in Dash 2 Trade
Features Free guides, 30-day moneyback guarantee, 40k active traders and 70k Telegram followers

4. ForexGDP: Forex Signals WhatsApp Group

ForexGDP was launched in 2015. Investors looking for the best cryptocurrency signals on WhatsApp will need to look elsewhere. ForexGDP aims to offer the best free forex signals WhatsApp only, focusing on the best pairs to trade in forex.

The company provides 3 subscription plans for signals. These 3 plans may be summarized as:

  1. Free service: 2 to 4 signals per month, with basic Entry/Exit information – free
  2. Premium Service: 8 to 14 signals per month, with accurate Entry/Exit information plus extras – $20 per month for 12 months
  3. Supreme Service: 16 to 25 signals per month, with accurate Entry/Exit information plus more extras – $37 per month for 12 months

All three signals plans operate via WhatsApp – and the Premium and Supreme Service includes email signals too (to cater for more information).

This provider’s Supreme Service offers 4 special signals not available in the Free and Premium Services:

  1. Big Trade Signal: ‘A big predictable movement in the market.’
  2. Commodity Signal: A signal relating to commodities rather than FX pairs.
  3. News Trading Signal: A signal relating to news.
  4. Jackpot Entry Signal: A ‘very low risk/ high reward signal’ – with an indicative stop loss of 20 pips and a potential profit of 100-2000 pips

ForexGDP claims to have a ’80 to 95% Winning Ratio depending on market conditions.’ The evidence for this claim is a long list of screenshots of previous signals.

Although updated in 2022 with copyright reservation, the poor English of the ForexGDP website does not necessarily inspire confidence in the services being offered. The lack of any reference to any regulatory body compounds this lackluster impression.

Compared to the average anonymous forex signals WhatsApp group, ForexGDP at least offers a web presence. But smart traders might want to research leading competitors first, starting with pioneering crypto and FX signals provider Dash 2 Trade.

Number of Signals 2-25 per month, depending on subscription service
Free Signals 2-4 per month
Fees $37 per month for 12 months for Supreme Service
Features Lots of explanation on how signals work, free signals available, 3 subscription plans

5. Crypto VIP Signals: Crypto Signals WhatsApp Group

Unusually for a WhatsApp group for crypto signals, this enterprise offers a scrap of credibility in the form of a Facebook page. But, in terms of legitimacy, that is all. This is one of the few crypto signals providers offering WhatsApp that we could even track down, let alone access. In terms of dubious authenticity, this provider is typical of the WhatsApp signals scene.

Would-be signals consumers can inbox one of the owners via telegram and access a paid signals group on WhatsApp.

Sensible traders might choose to steer clear, and instead check out reputable signals platforms with a reassuring online presence like Dash 2 Trade, Learn 2 Trade and Cryptosignals.org instead.

Number of Signals Not regular
Free Signals Some
Fees Undisclosed
Features Variable

Why You Should Follow the Best WhatsApp Trading Signals

We have aimed to track down the best crypto signals WhatsApp group – as well as the best free forex signals WhatsApp. But the world of WhatsApp signals is one of smoke and mirrors.

Rather than risk dealing with disreputable enterprises, we strongly recommend that traders stick to signals providers with a transparent web presence and a top-grade offering (like Dash 2 Trade) and an established community (like CryptoSignals.org and Learn 2 Trade).

There are literally thousands of free WhatsApp signals groups out there. But what happens when you click on a link and try and join a group? Often, nothing. If access to a group is granted, there is further likely to be no chat in the group space.

Unlike legitimate signals platforms like Dash 2 Trade, free WhatsApp signals groups are characterized by five troubling factors:

  1. Zero accountability: users of a WhatsApp group for crypto signals have no idea who set up the group or why they did so.
  2. Too much advertising: the organizers of a free crypto signals WhatsApp group have to make some money somehow.
  3. Unproven/incomplete trading information: why would the organizers bother to give out trading information at all, let alone complete information? WhatsApp is not a monetizable channel, so users of a WhatsApp group for crypto signals can only realistically expect poor advice.
  4. Phone number phishing: joining a free WhatsApp signals group is effectively giving one’s contact details away whilst registering an interest in crypto or FX – expect plenty of contact in future from unscrupulous promoters.
  5. Not a signals group at all: for example, ‘Neobux Strategist’ is listed as a free crypto signals WhatsApp group – but is in fact a channel for a scheme where users earn money by watching online advertisements. Smart traders have got better things to do.

With reputable FX and crypto signals platforms, the user need not endure any of the above. Would-be consumers of signals should be clear: WhatsApp is simply not the chosen means of communication for authentic platforms (like Dash 2 Trade, its forerunner Learn 2 Trade and numerous others among the best forex signals providers).

Find Out About Top New Coins

One advantage of any signals platform is that investors can get to hear about the best opportunities for buying new coins before launch. Below, for example, presale pundit Jacob Crypto Bury spells out the stunning potential of new crypto signals and analytics platform Dash 2 Trade.

Enter Hot New Crypto Competitions

Eagle-eyed traders interested in signals know that trading is ultimately a numbers game. So competitions offering goods odds are a welcome opportunity.

Dash 2 Trade is giving away $150k worth of D2T tokens to the lucky winner of their competition. And the good news is that, provided you have bought some D2T tokens already, entry is free – with multiple entries permitted.

Way to Enter Dash 2 Trade Competition Number of Entries
Enter your crypto wallet address 1
Follow @dash2_trade on Twitter 1
Retweet @dash2_trade on Twitter 5
Tweet about Dash 2 Trade 5
Visit @dash2trade on Instagram 1
Join the Dash 2 Trade Discord Community 1
Join Dash 2 Trade on Telegram 1
Share with your friends for extra entries 1
Visit the Dash 2 Trade website 1

With just over 20,000 entries registered, there are far better odds on offer than we would find in most lotteries. Enter the competition by heading to the Dash 2 Trade online platform and buy Dash 2 Trade.


Traders keen to up their crypto and FX game may have researched the world of WhatsApp trading signals for themselves. They will know that it is a bewildering sector with no way of telling which provider can be trusted. WhatsApp groups can be used to pump particular crypto for example – and the only winner is those holding the crypto already. We suggest that traders do their own research into legitimate signals providers – and start by browsing the Dash 2 Trade whitepaper.

Dash 2 Trade operates via a 100% transparent web platform – no hiding in the shadows for this authentic enterprise. Dash 2 Trade is the brainchild of the successful team behind signals provider Learn 2 Trade, who have built up a community of 70,000 followers. Offering a whole armory of analytics tools on top of curated signals, Dash 2 Trade offers a whole armory of trading tools that makes it the future of crypto and FX signals. And investors can buy into its success with the presale for in-house crypto D2T on right now.

Dash 2 Trade - New Gate.io Listing

Our Rating

Dash 2 Trade
  • Also Listed on Bitmart, Changelly, LBank, Uniswap
  • Collaborative Trading Platform Token
  • Featured in Bitcoinist, Cointelegraph
  • Solid Proof Audited, CoinSniper KYC Verified
  • Trading Community of 70,000+ Members
Dash 2 Trade

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