Looking to streamline the investment process through a stock picking service? In this comparison guide, we explore the 8 best stock picking services for 2023.

We rank platforms based on their win rate and performance, user-friendliness, types of stocks supported, subscription fees, and much more.

List of the Best Stock Picking Services for 2023

The best stock picking services in the market right now are listed below:

  1. AltIndex: The overall best stock picking service, AltIndex, offers everything an investor needs to make informed decisions. AltIndex specializes in social sentiment data. It collects and interprets social media insights to find the best stocks to invest in. It gives each stock an AI rating based on these sentiments, enabling investors to enter the market at the earliest timeframe possible. Monthly prices range from $0, $29, and $99 – depending on the level of service required.
  2. Zacks Ultimate: This stock picking service is aimed at professional traders. It costs $299 per month and comes packed with stock picks, research reports, and expert insights. Zacks Ultimate covers a wide range of companies, including growth, blue-chip, and international stocks.
  3. Seeking Alpha: At just $99 per month, Seeking Alpha offers a solid stock picking service. It has generated returns of over 470% since 2010 – outperforming the S&P 500’s 290%. Just two stock picks are sent each month, so Seeking Alpha is aimed at long-term holders.
  4. Danelfin: One of the best AI-backed stock picking services is Danelfin. It uses artificial intelligence to make data-driven insights, ranking and scoring stocks based on their current and future potential. Plans range from $0, $17, and $49 per month when purchased annually.
  5. MorningStar: MorningStar is ideal for investors who want to streamline the stock picking process. It rates and recommends the best equities from various niches, including mid-caps, foreign companies, and growth stocks. Each recommendation comes with a full analysis. Full access requires a premium plan at $34.95 per month.
  6. The Street Real Money: The Street offers a premium stock picking service called ‘Real Money’. This is a reactionary service that comes with daily stock picks based on fundamental news. The service also includes daily insights, expert opinions, and live market commentary. Pricing starts from $34.99 per month, but lower fees are available when paying for a 1 or 2-year subscription.
  7. FinBox: FinBox will appeal to investors who want to follow the most successful Wall Street traders. The platform tracks fund managers with above-average market returns, and provides insights into which stocks and ETFs they are buying. FinBox charges between $6 and $33 per month.
  8. Candlestick.ai: Another AI stock picking service is Candlestick.ai. The service is offered via its mobile app and costs $9.99 per month. Three stock picks are sent every week and the service has returned 23% since 2022.

Full Analysis of the 8 Best Stock Picking Services

Read on to find out more about the best stock picking services for 2023. We review each picking service listed above, exploring their key features, investment returns, and pricing.

1. AltIndex – Best Stock Picking Service for AI-Driven Insights 

In our view, AltIndex is the best stock picking service to consider today. We like that AltIndex specializes in alternative data, which is a trending niche in the investment space. More specifically, it collects data from social media platforms like Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook.

It then analyzes the data in real-time to find which stocks could be about to enter a bullish cycle. This process is known as ‘social sentiment analysis’ and it can yield impressive outcomes. This is because social sentiment explores how society views specific companies and stocks.

In turn, this provides early insights for investors. For instance, suppose Disney stock is receiving a lot of negativity on social media. AltIndex users will have a first-mover advantage on this negative sentiment, allowing them to short-sell the stock in anticipation of falling prices.

AltIndex review

AltIndex uses a vast range of data points to assess broader sentiment. At its core, this includes social media comments, ‘likes’, mentions, and shares. Naturally, if a company is receiving a lot more shares and followers than its competitors, this is a bullish signal.

We also like that AltIndex uses other alternative data sources when ranking stocks. Outside of social media, this includes Google searches and news mentions. It also extracts real-time data from job posting websites. An increase or decrease in vacancies can mean the company is doing well, or not so well.

Crucially, each and every data point is structured and analyzed by artificial intelligence. This enables AltIndex to ‘score’ stocks based on AI stock predictions. The stock picking software ranks each company from 0-100. The higher the rating, the more positive society views the stock. This makes it simple for investors to find trending stocks – no prior experience is needed.

AltIndex review

AltIndex will also appeal to investors that do not want to manually research stocks. This is because its AI stock picking service automates the process. Put simply, AltIndex sends an email alert when it generates a new stock recommendation.

This includes both buy and sell suggestions, with the view of holding the position for 3-9 months. Currently, AltIndex only shows its AI stock picking returns for January 2023. It distributed 34 stock picks during the month, yielding a return of 22.6%.

First-time users will automatically be put on the free plan. This only allows 20-page visits and two stock alerts. Most users upgrade to the starter plan, which costs $29 per month. The pro plan -costing $99 per month, will appeal to active stock traders who seek additional functionality.

Provider Stock Picking Service Target Market Performance Plan
AltIndex Alternative data, including social media sentiment. Structured into AI ranking scores. Real-time emails on new stock picks that are data-driven Investors want AI-backed insights into stocks and top trending cryptos. January 2023 returns show gains of 22.6%
$0, $29, and $99 per month – depending on the user’s preferences.


  • Best stock picking service for AI-driven insights
  • Picks are based on social sentiment and other alternative data sources
  • Thousands of stocks are ranked based on their potential
  • Automated stock picks via email
  • Competitive pricing ranges from $0 to $99 per month
  • Also supports cryptocurrencies – including some of the best altcoins


  • Only 20-page visits are permitted with the free plan

We found that Zacks Ultimate is one of the best stock picking services for professional traders. Although Zacks Ultimate costs $299 per month (or $2,995 when purchased annually) – the results speak for themselves. The service claims that a $10,000 investment into Zacks Ultimate in 1988 would now be worth $22.5 million.

Zacks Ultimate states that the same investment in the S&P 500 would be worth $385,000. We like that Zacks Ultimate offers stock picks across multiple portfolios and markets. This includes a portfolio dedicated to growth stocks, as well as dividend-paying companies and ETFs.

Zacks Ultimate

It also offers stock picks from high-growth and emerging industries. Some of its best picks this year include 244% gains on ZIM Integrated Shipping Services and 109% growth on EnLink Midstream. The service also netted a 116% profit from Danaos and 121% on US Foods.

While Zacks Ultimate justifies its subscription price, its stock picking service will only appeal to investors with large bankrolls. This is because small investments will greatly reduce the return on the subscription. For instance, even with an annual investment of $30,000, the $2,995 fee amounts to almost 10%.

Provider Stock Picking Service Target Market Performance Plan
Zacks Ultimate Professional stock picking service that was established in 1988. Stock picks cover both short and long-term positions. Also includes private insights and premium research tools. Professional investors with a large bankroll. Is really only suitable for those investing six-figure sums each year. $10,000 invested in 1988 would now be worth $22.5 million. Average annualized gains of 24.3%.
$299 per month or $2,995 annually.


  • Best stock picking service for professional traders
  • Aims for annual growth of at least 24.3%
  • Covers a wide range of stocks and ETFs from multiple sectors
  • Includes private market insights and premium analysis tools


  • At $299 monthly, the service is only viable for large-scale investors

3. Seeking Alpha – Stock Picking Service has Outperformed the S&P 500 by 180% Since 2010

Seeking Alpha is one of the best stock picking services for investors looking to outperform the S&P 500. Since 2010, Seeking Alpha notes the S&P 500 has grown by 290% since 2010. In comparison, Seeking Alpha stock picks have generated returns of 470% over the same period.

This means that Seeking Alpha has outperformed the broader market by 180%. We like that Seeking Alpha’s stock picking service is aimed at ‘buy-and-hold’ investors. It sends just two stock selections every month and picks are based on its quant-focused model.

Seeking Alpha review

While the best small-cap stocks are considered, selections must have a minimum market capitalization of $500 million. Moreover, Seeking Alpha only sends stock picks priced at $10 or more. In addition, when a stock pick turns to a ‘Sell’ or ‘Strong Sell’, Seeking Alpha only offloads the original investment.

If the stock receives a second sell recommendation, and the projected upside isn’t at least 2x from current prices, it will sell the entire position. Although Seeking Alpha is one of the best-performing stock picking services, it offers very competitive pricing.

New customers will pay just $99 per year. From the second year onwards, the price increases to $199 – which is about $16.50 per month.

Provider Stock Picking Service Target Market Performance Plan
Seeking Alpha Stock picks are generated based on the Seeking Alpha Quant model, which focuses on fundamental data. Stocks must be held for at least 75 days, have a market capitalization of $500 million or more, and be priced at over $10 per share. Long-term investors looking to outperform the S&P 500 benchmark. 470% returns since 2010, which is 180% above the S&P 500. $99 in year one. $199 from year two onwards.


  • Best stock picking service for outperforming the S&P 500
  • Strict stock picking methodology based on quant data
  • Ideal for beginners – full guidance is provided
  • Small cap stock picker considers company valuations from $500 million
  • First-year subscriptions cost just $99 annually


  • Prices increase to $199 annually after the first year

4. Danelfin – Automated AI Stock Picks for Data-Driven Investors 

Danelfin has capitalized on the growth of artificial intelligence to offer one of the best AI stock picking services. The underlying algorithm has a unique methodology for each supported market. For US-listed stocks, Danelfin looks to outperform the S&P 500.

For European-listed stocks, the benchmark is the STOXX 600. Danelfin uses data-driven insights to score stocks, ranked from 1 (strong sell) to 10 (strong buy). Each data point focused on three core research methods – fundamental, technical, and sentiment analysis.

Danelfin review

Danelfin extracts data from the previous 252 and 500 trading days for US and European stocks, respectively. It then calculates the probability that the stock will outperform its respective benchmark over the next three months.

Although Danelfin uses advanced technology to reach its AI-driven insights, stock picks are neatly laid out. Users can view stocks based on their AI score, filtered by the exchange or industry. Danelfin also offers ETF picks from leading markets. When purchasing an annual plan, prices range from $17 to $49 per month.

Provider Stock Picking Service Target Market Performance Plan
Danelfin AI-driven insights rank US and European stocks from 1-10. Highly ranked stocks have a greater chance of outperforming the respective benchmark within the next three months. Investors targeting higher gains than S&P 500 and the STOXX 600. 158% growth between January 2017 and 2023. $0, $17, or $49 per month – depending on how many AI stock picks are required.


  • Overall best AI stock picker
  • Automated picks based on explainable artificial intelligence
  • Seeks to outperform the S&P 500 and the STOXX 600.
  • 158% growth between January 2017 and 2023


  • The pro plan at $49 per month is required for full functionality

5. MorningStar – Streamlined Research Insights With a Solid Scoring System 

MorningStar is one of the best stock picker services for research-driven investors. It offers a wide range of insights that are hand-crafted by industry experts. This includes recommendations for many markets and industries, including the most undervalued stocks and high-income dividends.

Each stock pick comes with a rating of between 1-5. A 5/5 rating translates to a strong buy. Stock picks come with a full analysis, with projected growth rates and industry comparisons. In addition to stocks, MorningStar also covers bonds and index funds, covering both US and international markets.

MorningStar review

What’s more, MorningStar has a clear and transparent methodology for each portfolio type. For instance, when viewing undervalued stocks, MorningStar explains how it values companies. This includes metrics on sales predictability and exposure to contingent events.

In terms of pricing, MorningStar offers a free stock picking service. However, this blurs out the majority of picks from each portfolio. To remove limitations, users will need the MorningStar Investor plan. This costs $34.95 per month or $249 annually. MorningStar also offers a 7-day free trial.

Provider Stock Picking Service Target Market Performance Plan
MorningStar Research-driven investment recommendations on a wide range of stock industries. Also covers bonds and index funds from the US and beyond. Each recommendation comes with a MorningStar rating. Investors looking to make smart long-term investment decisions on their preferred markets. Examples include growth, undervalued, and income stocks. Also suitable for investors seeking exposure to bonds and funds. Investors need to decide which stock picks to buy. Returns vary widely depending on the recommendation. $34.95 per month or $249 annually. Some free stock picks are available – but very limited in frequency.


  • One of the best stock picking services for research-driven insights
  • A simple rating system makes it easy to find the best stocks
  • Also covers index funds and bonds
  • All recommendations come with a solid analysis


  • Most free stock picks come with limitations – meaning a premium plan is required

6. The Street Real Money – Daily Stock Picks and Market Commentary for $299 per Year

The Street Real Money is one of the best stock picking services for full-time day traders. Throughout the day, it offers live commentary from Wall Street experts. This gives users a 360-degree overview of which stocks are trending, and which are moving in the wrong direction.

In turn, this provides unparalleled, real-time insights into the markets. The Street Real Money also offers daily stock picks – produced by its team of in-house analysts. That said, the service does not provide any target monthly projections or historical performance.

The Street Real Money

That said, the Street Real Money does come with a 14-day free trial. This should be enough time to evaluate the performance of the service. Those wishing to sign up for a premium plan will pay $34.99 per month. This is reduced to $20.83 when purchasing an annual plan. A two-year plan reduces prices to $14.58 per month.

Provider Stock Picking Service Target Market Performance Plan
The Street Real Money Daily stock picks provided by Wall Street experts. Real-time commentary keeping investors updated on key market movements – from open to close. Full-time day traders that want to actively buy and sell stocks. Combine stock picks with real-time market commentary. Not stated Flexible plans cost $34.99 per month – cancel at any time. 1-year and 2-year plans reduce the monthly fee to $20.83 and $14.58.


  • Best stock picking service for day traders
  • Receive daily stock picks from industry experts
  • Real-time commentary while the US stock markets are open
  • Premium news articles on emerging industries


  • Does not publish its historical returns

7. FinBox – Real-Time Insights on Where Leading Fund Managers are Investing

FinBox is one of the best stock picking services to follow the smart money. The platform displays real-time information on what stocks fund managers are buying and selling. Crucially, FinBox displays Wall Street portfolios from the most successful investors.

For example, one of the most followed portfolios is David Einhorn – fund manager of Greenlight Capital. Einhorn has generated average annualized returns of 16.5% since 1996 – outperforming the market consistently.

FinBox review

As per FinBox data, some of Einhorn’s biggest holdings include CONSOL Energy, Brighthouse Financial, and Kyndryl Holdings. FinBox updates its portfolios in real-time when SEC filings are made. Users can receive alerts on their preferred fund managers.

Prices range from $6 to $33 per month. The chosen plan dictates which fund managers and global market users can access.

Provider Stock Picking Service Target Market Performance Plan
FinBox Real-time data and alerts on fund manager portfolios. Invest in the same stocks as the best-performing investors on Wall Street. Stock selector tool offers many filters, including past performance and projected returns. Investors that want to buy the same stocks as leading fund managers. Varies depending on the fund manager. Monthly plans from $6, $18, and $33. The chosen plan determines which funds investors can track.


  • Best stock picking service to copy leading fund managers
  • View each and every stock held by the chosen portfolio
  • Competitive pricing – from $6 per month
  • Choose portfolios based on past performance and projected returns


  • Users will need to manually buy each stock – which can be time-consuming

8. Candlestick.ai – AI Stock Picking App Charging Just $9.99 per Month

Candlestick.ai is another top-rated stock picking service that specializes in artificial intelligence. It comes as a mobile app for iOS and Android – which is free to download. However, the stock picking service must be purchased, with subscriptions costing just $9.99 per month.

This yields three stock picks every week, so Candlestick.ai will appeal to active traders. We like that Candlestick.ai enables investors to set their own preferences on which stock alerts to receive. This is based on the financial goals and risk tolerance of the user.

Candlestick.ai review

What’s more, Candlestick.ai offers full transparency on each stock pick it sends. This is because it offers insights and data behind the recommendation. In total, Candlestick.ai tracks more than 6,000 stocks and most are US-based. Since 2022, Candlestick.ai has returned 23%.

Provider Stock Picking Service Target Market Performance Plan
Candlestick.ai Three stock picks per week, generated by artificial intelligence. Active investors that want stock picks delivered by an iOS/Android app. 23% since 2022 $9.99 per month


  • One of the best stock picking apps
  • Native app for iOS and Android
  • Three stock picks are delivered every week
  • Just $9.99 per month – cancel anytime


  • Limited information on its methodology


What is a Stock Picker Service?

Stock picker services provide recommendations on which companies to invest in. Most services are run by experienced analysts who research the markets on behalf of their clients. Once the analyst finds an appropriate stock to buy, it will send an alert – usually via email.

Some stock-picking services utilize artificial intelligence. This means that stock picks are based on data-driven insights, such as technical analysis, price performance, and alternative data – such as social media sentiment.

One of the best alternative data providers for social metrics is AltIndex. This platform offers stock picks based on broader societal opinions, such as trending companies offering popular products.

Once an investor receives a stock pick from their chosen provider, they will need to manually place an order with a broker. Investors should assess the frequency of the stock picks to ensure it aligns with their availability. This is because some stock picking services suggest placing the trade near-instantly.

Stock Picking Services: How Do They Work?

Stock picking services charge fees for their expertise. The overarching objective is to outperform the market. Most providers use the S&P 500 as the benchmark. For instance, if the S&P 500 grows by 10% this year, the stock picking service will target higher returns.

In most cases, investors will need to sign up for a monthly subscription. In doing so, the provider will send out stock picks in real-time. The investor can then place the recommended trader with their chosen broker.

For example, the stock pick might suggest:

  • Buying Uber stock
  • Holding for at least 12 months
  • Entering the market as quickly as possible

The best stock picking services offer more than just recommendations. They offer a full breakdown of the underlying methodology. This should include details of how the service rates stocks and what criteria needs to be met for it to make a recommendation.

Stock picks should also come with a full analysis of the reasons behind the suggestion. For example, AltIndex might recommend buying Apple stock because social sentiment is overly positive on its latest iPhone.

Or, it might suggest buying Tesla stock because job postings are on the rise – highlighting increased demand and growth.

Either way, stock picking services will not get all of their recommendations correct. On the contrary, investors should expect both winning and losing trades. But overall, the stock picking service should produce higher returns than the market average. If it doesn’t, then investors will be better off opting for an index fund.

What Returns Should I Expect From a Stock Picking Service?

  • Most stock picking services will aim to outperform the broader market.
  • This is usually determined by the performance of the S&P 500 index.
  • For example, suppose the S&P 500 grows by 13% this year.
  • At a minimum, the stock picking service will look to make at least 13%.
  • The best stock picking websites display their historical returns, which enables investors to make an informed decision.

Why Should I Choose a Stock Picking Service?

Stock picking services won’t appeal to all investor types. They will, however, appeal to time-starved investors or complete novices, considering the research process is automated.

To help clear the mist, we will now explore the advantages of using a stock picking platform.

Streamline the Research Process

The most successful investors make data-driven decisions. This is usually done by researching the fundamentals of the respective company. For example, how much revenue and operating income it made, and comparing this to previous quarters.

Seasoned investors will also compare the fundamentals with other stocks in the same industry. This is in addition to technical and sentiment analysis. All of these research methods require a key commodity – time. And most investors do not have the time to spend hours researching the markets each day.

Crucially, while there are no shortcuts per se, stock picking services remove the need to perform research. In fact, investors simply need to wait for the service to send an alert on which stocks to buy.

Suitable for Stock Market Novices 

The stock analysis process not only requires time – but knowledge and experience. It can take many years to truly master the art of picking stocks. Many investors have full-time jobs and hence, don’t have the time to learn the stock analysis methods.

This is why stock picking services are increasingly becoming popular. No longer do beginners need to second-guess which companies to invest in. Instead, the picking service does all of the stock research behind the scenes. As noted earlier, this will either be manual research by an analyst or via AI-driven insights.

Outperform the Broader Market 

Stock picking services have one clear goal – to outperform the broader market. This means generating higher gains than a benchmark index fund. For instance, we mentioned earlier that Danelfin aims to outperform the S&P 500 in the US and the STOXX 600 in Europe.

If Danelfin does not produce higher annual gains than these benchmark indexes, the service should be considered a failure. This is because anyone can replicate index funds like the S&P 500 through an ETF. By paying a stock picking service fee every month, investors expect higher returns.

In January 2023, for example, AltIndex produced gains of 22.6% over 34 stock picks. Over the same period, the S&P 500 grew by just 6.5%. Similarly, Seeking Alpha’s stock picking service has produced growth of 470% since 2010. Over the same timeframe, the S&P 500 has grown by 290%.

Selecting the Best Stock Picking App: Top Tips

There are many stock picking websites and apps in the market. Each service will appeal to a certain type of investor, in terms of financial goals, risk tolerance, preferred markets, and budget.

Below, we explain how to pick a suitable stock picking service in 2023.

Budget and Pricing Plans

Before getting started, investors should assess how much they are willing to spend each month on stock picks. There needs to be a viable return on the monthly subscription. Not only should investors examine monthly fees but also how much they plan to invest.

For example, suppose an investor plans to allocate $100 into the stock market each month. If they pay $20 per month for stock picks, that’s a cost ratio of 20%. In other words, if the stock picking service doesn’t make at least 20% per month, the investor will be losing money.

Moreover, investors should remember to incorporate stock trading fees into their calculations. This should include trading commissions, spreads, and any other brokerage fees.

Types of Stock Picks 

Once the investor’s budget has been established, the next step is to assess the type of stock picks required. For example, complete beginners should choose a provider that offers a user-friendly experience. No prior knowledge of stock analysis should be required.

AltIndex review

Instead, the service should outline exactly what stocks to buy – and when. Similarly, those without the time to manually research the markets should choose an automated picking service. This means the investor will receive an email as soon as the stock trading idea is generated.

Additionally, investors should also consider their financial goals. For example, those looking to maximize both returns and risk might want to focus on growth stocks. While more risk-averse investors might prefer a stock picking service that focuses on dividend income.

Historical Performance  

The best stock picking services are transparent on their historical performance. The provider should clearly outline what returns it has made over a reasonable period of time. It should also provide information on the benchmark index it aims to outperform, such as the S&P 500.

As we mentioned earlier, the stock picking service should outperform the broader market. What’s more, the financial returns generated should justify the fees charged each month. For example, while Zacks Ultimate charges $2,995 per year, it has generated average annualized returns of 24.3% since 1988.

What Strategies do Stock Picking Services Use?

Now that we’ve explained how to choose a provider, we can examine the most common stock picking strategies.

Alternative Data and Social Metrics

One of the best stock picking services – AltIndex, makes recommendations based on alternative data. It extracts social media data and analyzes it through natural language processing. This includes everything from Facebook posts and Instagram follows to Reddit mentions and Google searches.

This offers invaluable insights into thousands of stocks. For example, suppose a technology stock has just released a new product. Ordinarily, investors would need to wait for the firm’s quarterly earnings report for an update on sales.

AltIndex review

AltIndex, on the other hand, can provide insights into potential sales figures. It does so by analyzing social media posts and building an overall sentiment score. If there is an increasing number of positive data points, this could highlight strong quarterly performance.

Fundamental Analysis

Some stock picking services take a more traditional approach – they manually analyze the markets. This means researching companies from top to bottom. For instance, analyzing sales, debt, operating margins, and broader industry trends. The analyst will then make comparisons with companies in the same niche.

For example, Zacks Ultimate has an in-house team of analysts that research the markets around the clock. Each analyst will specialize in a specific area of the market, such as emerging industries, growth stocks, or dividend companies. Once an analyst reaches their conclusion, they will send out a stock pick to paying customers.

This stock picking strategy is usually aimed at ‘buy-and-hold’ investors. This means investors will need to play the long game by holding the recommended stocks for several years. In the meantime, the provider should send regular updates on the selections, such as whether the stock is a buy, hold, or sell.

What are Buy, Sell, and Hold Ratings?

  • Many stock picking services rank stocks based on fundamental, technical, and/or social sentiment data.
  • The provider will usually offer an analyst rating, from strong sell to strong buy
  • ‘Strong buys’ recommended investing at the earliest time possible
  • While ‘Strong sells’ advise investors to exit their positions
  • If the stock picking service suggests a hold rating, this means keeping the position open without buying additional shares.

AI-Driven Picks 

Some stock picking services allow artificial intelligence to make recommendations. The data can be extracted from many different sources, such as social media, quarterly earnings reports, real-time price charts, and news articles. The AI system will then generate stock picks accordingly.

It is important that the provider is transparent on the AI’s methodology. For instance, how does it determine whether a stock is a buy or sell?

AltIndex is a popular AI picker that has a ranking system based on the data insights it collects. This ranges from 1 (strong sell) to 100 (strong buy).

Stock Picking Service Fees

Investors pay monthly fees to access the best stock picking services. This is on the proviso that the provider generates higher returns than the market average.

But how much do stock picking platforms charge on average?

This really depends on the provider and the respective plan. For example, AltIndex enables users to try its basic features for free. After 20 dashboard visits, the user will be asked to buy a premium plan. This starts from just $29, which covers up to 10 stock alerts. Day traders can opt for the $99 monthly plan for up to 50 alerts.

However, not all stock picking services are affordable or viable for casual investors. Zacks Research is a good example of this. The service charges nearly $3,000 for an annual subscription or $299 for a flexible one-month plan. Investors will need to make large investment gains to make the subscription viable.

How do Index Funds Compare With Stock Picking Services?

As we have established, investors need to pay monthly fees when using a stock picking service. In return, investors should expect to make more money than the market average. Most stock picking services use the S&P 500 as its benchmark.

This means the platform will need to make more than the S&P 500 over a given period. An acceptable period is 12 months. For example, suppose the S&P 500 grows by 9% in 2023. Stock picking services generating more than 9% can claim to outperform the market.

When investing in an index fund, however, the objective is to mirror the respective market. For instance, suppose the S&P 500 grows by 11% this year. An index fund tracking the S&P 500 should also make 11%. So to summarize; stock picking services aim to outperform the market, while index funds simply replicate it.

The Verdict

Stock picking services are used by investors seeking above-average returns. At a minimum, the service should outperform major index funds like the S&P 500 and Dow Jones.

Overall, we found that the best stock picking service for performance, pricing, and user-friendliness is AltIndex.

The service uses social media metrics to generate AI-driven stock picks. This gives investors an edge, enabling them to identify market moves before the masses.









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