A forex trading robot allows users to take advantage of an automatic trading algorithm, which looks for new buy and sell signals when trading currency pairs. This guide reviews the best forex trading bots for investors to use in 2022, and how they can potentially be more profitable than the average human FX trader. 

8 Best Forex Bots for 2022

Below are several of the best trading bots for forex on the market this year. Below we’ll conduct an in-depth analysis of each of these forex trading bots, their pricing and how they work.

  • Forex FuryOverall Best Forex Trading Bot in 2022
  • Learn2TradeGet 3-5 Daily Trading Signals Covering Both FX and Crypto
  • FX MasterBot – Free FX Trading Software, No Commissions or Hidden Fees
  • 1000Pip climber – FX Trading Signal with 20,000 Pips Achieved So Far
  • EA Pros – Supports Up to 500x Leverage on FX Trades
  • Premium FX Signals – Real Time Forex Trading Signals & Market Updates
  • GPS Forex Robot – Forex Trading Bot with 98% Accuracy
  • ForexVPS – Private Servers for High-Speed FX Trading

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Best Forex Robots Reviewed 

Is Forex trading profitable‘ is a common question – many new FX traders experience volatile price movements and wonder if its possible to beat the forex markets in the long term. Forex robots aim to improve upon what most human traders are capable of, using trading algorithms that automatically scan the markets for potentially profitable trades. 

The sections below will take a look at some of the best forex robot programs by analyzing their algorithms, fee structure and additional features. 

1. Forex Fury – Overall Best Forex Trading Bot in 2022

Forex fury logoThe top forex trading bot on the market, Forex Fury boasts a 93% accuracy rate – with a list of its most recent trades on the homepage, audited by third party tracking site Myfxbook. 

Their forex trader bot software works with any online broker that supports MT4 and MT5, so users familiar with these trading platforms can easily adjust to the set-up.

Forex Fury also complies with the National Futures Association (NFA) and adheres to FIFO (first in, first out) regulations.  

Forex fury home

Forex Fury offers two pricing options, both providing lifetime membership accounts. Forex Fury Gold is available at $229.99 – including unlimited demo license accounts, 1 live account license and high-performance settings. 

The second version is Forex Fury Diamond – which offers all the options as the Gold package, along with 2 live account licenses. The Diamond package costs $439.99. After buying the package, Forex Fury provides a full-length installation guide and walkthrough videos after buying the package to simplify the trading process. 

Moreover, investors can customize their risk settings for this automated forex bot – by choosing between low, medium or high-risk automated strategies. All the included features make Forex Fury one of the best automated forex trading software programs to watch right now. 

Pricing Demo Account Additional features
$229.99 for Gold Package

$439.99 for Diamond Package

  • MT4/MT5 compatible
  • Full length-installation guides and walkthrough videos

What We Like

  • 93% Trading Accuracy
  • Automated Trading for FX, cryptos and stocks
  • Compatible with MT4/5
  • 2 live account licenses with the Diamond package

Your capital is at risk.

2. Learn2Trade – Get 3-5 Daily Trading Signals 

Learn2trade logoBased in the UK, Learn2Trade offers a premium forex signals platform that covers popular financial markets, including the major FX currency pairs.

While Learn2Trade does not automatically buy and sell on behalf of the use – i.e. is not technically a forex trade bot – the platform offers some of the best forex signals on a daily basis. 

This alternative to forex trading bots also doubles as a cryptocurrency education platform, as its team also scans the crypto markets for high probability trades and offers tips on the best cryptos to hold.

The free Learn2Trade account provides users with 3-5 daily verified signals, including exact buy and sell levels. All trades are shared via Learn2Trade’s Telegram channels – find the forex Telegram group here, and the crypto group here.

learn2trade home

Users can access a demo account, after which they can choose a suitable plan that will allow them to receive signals 5 days a week. Ranging from £35 for a 1-month subscription to £250 for a lifetime membership, Learn2Trade offers various purchase offerings to investors. 

Learn2Trade also provides a free forex trading course – comprising 11 chapters to help learners implement their own technical and fundamental analysis techniques when trading forex, and a range of materials on learning to trade crypto.

Pricing Demo Account Additional features
1-month plan – £35
3 months – £65
6 months – £95
Lifetime – £250
  • Free forex trading course
  • 3-5 Daily trading signals

What We Like

  • Daily forex trading signals
  • Trade alerts for both FX pairs and cryptocurrency pairs
  • Educational materials to learn to trade

Your capital is at risk.

3. FXMasterBot – Free FX Trading Software

FXMasterbot logoFXMasterBot is an automated trading software that lets users trade forex pairs automatically and manually. The FXMasterBot website and forex bot services are free, charging no commission, account management fees or additional costs for using the trading software. 

New users can access the platform’s demo account – which offers $1,500 worth of virtual currency. FXMasterBot offers three account types – the first (novice account) requires a $200 minimum deposit and supporting trades in 3 currency pairs. 

FXMasterbot home

The second is the expert account, which supports multiple brokers and offers 9 currency pairs after making a $500 minimum deposit. The Master account is the final option, requiring investors to make two $500 deposits with two different brokers. This account supports 17 currency pairs, offers advanced settings and VIP customer support. 

FXMasterBot is integrated with some of the best CySEC regulated brokers such as iTrader, 24option and EuropeFX. 

Pricing Demo Account Additional features
No Fees (Only a basic minimum deposit) Yes
  • Three FX trading accounts
  • Manual and automatic FX trading options

What We Like

  • No account charges
  • Upto 17 currency pairs
  • Partnered with multiple CySEC regulated brokers

4. 1000Pip Climber – FX Trading Signals with 20,000 Pips Achieved

1000pipclimber logo1000Pip Climber provides users with a forex trading robot system, which claims to enhance success when trading with forex currency pairs. The platform deploys its unique trading algorithm, which continuously scans the forex markets to look for the best entry points in 6 major currency pairs. 

1000pipclimber home

However, this forex bot trading system does not initiate new trades for the customer. Traders can individually handpick their preferred trades that the 1000Pip Climber algorithm suggests. Perfect for short and long-term trading, the software continuously produces new trading signals in 15-minute, 1 hour and 4-hour time frames. 

One of the drawbacks of this forex trading bot is that investors cannot access a free demo account. However, the platform takes a simple one-time payment of $299 to get started. According to the platform website, 1000Pip Climber has achieved almost 20,000 pips in the last 3 years. 

Pricing Demo Account Additional features
One-time payment of $299  No
  • Signal generating algorithm

What We Like

  • Traders can handpick their preferred forex signals
  • One-time payment

5. EA Pros – Apply 500X Leverage on Trades

EAPros LOGOEA Pros offers a free forex robot for all customers looking to trade FX currency pairs. Accessible via MetaTrader4, EA Pros’ platform offers free trading signals through its automated software programme. 

According to the website, EA Pros’ robot generates signals based on data, trends and statistics and manually allows investors to initiate new trades. Additionally, EA Pros charges no usage fees or any extra hidden fees. Investors can begin using the platform after making a minimum deposit of $1,000.

EA pros home

Platform members can also access up to 500x leverage if they want to generate more profitable returns on a high-risk basis. 

Most of the robots on the platform are built using MQL language, allowing investors to place orders and manage their trades. 

Pricing Demo Account Additional features
No fees No
  • 500x leverage on trades
  • Manual trading and automatic signals

What We Like

  • Free forex trading robot
  • Leverage Trading Options

6. Premium FX Signals – Real Time Trading Signal Updates

PremiumFX Signals logoPremium FX Signals is another popular automatic trading algorithm that scans the market for various FX signals and pairs. To begin trading, investors can visit the platform’s website and must make a minimum deposit of $250 to get started. 

According to the website, Premium FX Signals also provides a demo account, allowing traders to use virtual currency to experience the software settings, performance and more.

PremiumFX signals home

Moreover, Premium FX Signals claims to offer an 89% accuracy rate, but the lack of information makes it difficult to verify any of these claims. 

With Premium FX Signals, every new signal comes with a specified entry and exit point and stop/loss and take profit price levels. Offering real-time trading signal updates, the platform may update investors on new stop/loss orders to combat the uncertainty and constant price movements that the FX markets experience. 

Pricing Demo Account Additional features
One-time purchase of $250 Yes
  • Provides signals containing exact buy and sell levels
  • Regular price updates to combat the volatility of FX markets

What We Like 

  • One-time purchase to begin trading
  • Real-time trading signal updates 

7. GPS Forex Robot – Trading Bot with 98% Accuracy

GPS forex robot logoThe GPS Forex Robot provides investors with an automated trading bot that promises high levels of accuracy when trading FX pairs. According to the website, traders can experience 98% accuracy when using the GPS Forex Robot. 

According to the website, GPS Forex Robot uses a simple reverse trading strategy, allowing it to open a trade in the opposite direction and cover any small losses.

GPSForex robot home

This strategy claims to make the Forex robot unbeatable on live trading and backtesting. 

Despite the high levels of accuracy that the bot claims to provide, the limited information makes it difficult to verify the claims without using the platform. GPS Forex Robot requires a one-time fee of $149 to get started. Traders can download the software and connect the file with MetaTrader4 to get started. Investors can access some of the best pairs to trade in forex, such as EUR/USD, EUR/GBP, USD/CHF and more. 

Pricing Demo Account Additional features
One-time purchase of $149 No
  • Simple access for investors using MT4
  • Reverse trading strategy that opens opposite trades to cover for losses

What We Like

  • Compatible with MT4
  • Reverse Strategy that claims to minimize losses

8. ForexVPS – Private Servers for High-Speed FX Trading

ForexVPS logoA Forex VPS (virtual private server) is a permanent link that constantly creates backups for a user’s trading configuration. This process ensures a stable connection, allowing continuous network connection and higher internet speeds. 

One of the best forex VPS platforms, ForexVPS allows investors to access VPS servers easily to facilitate their forex trading process. Providing fast VPS globally, ForexVPS has servers located in Western Europe, North America and Asia.


Offering four plans, investors can access various features such as SSD (solid-state drive) storage, automatic backups and dedicated IP addresses. 

Since each second counts in FX trading, ForexVPS provides ready-to-go systems to reduce the time-wasting process. The monthly cost ranges from $35 – $68, depending on the chosen package. All the VPS packages come with a 7-day money-back guarantee. 

Pricing Demo Account Additional features
Basic – $35
Basic+ – $40
Standard – $59
High Freq – $68
  • Private servers providing regular connection to investors
  • Dedicated IP addresses
  • Globally located network servers

What We Like

  • Offers FX trading support via faster internet execution times
  • 7-day money back guarantee
  • Automatic backups when trading

What is a Forex Bot?

A forex bot is a trading algorithm that initiates trades on the user’s behalf. Usually, forex trading bots use AI-based automated software, which automatically scans the markets for new trades to make in the FX currency space. 

This algorithm benefits new investors and beginners looking for a simpler way to begin trading currencies. Trading bots are typically based on a set of trading signals that help them identify potentially profitable trades. 

How do Forex Bots Work?

The best forex bots offer automated software capable of scanning the FX markets to make new trades automatically with little input from the user. The sections below discuss how the forex bots function: 

‘What if’ Algorithms

A key principle in deploying and developing machine-learning-based bots is to follow set algorithms. The ‘what if’ algorithms details the main functionings of the best forex bots. 

  • The ‘what’ typically refers to the main action the trading bot will initiate. For example, this can involve placing an order on a major FX currency pair, such as EUR/USD. 
  • The ‘if’ refers to the future actions based on the performance of the asset. Just like traders fix their own stop/loss orders to know when to end their positions, the algorithm’s ‘if’ may involve selling a new position after it reaches a pre-planned target price. 

These general principles help trading bots regularly open and close new positions 24/7. 

MT4 Platforms and Forex Brokers

While the forex bots operate the trading software, they also need to access different brokers from where they can initiate new trades. Forex brokers allow trading bots to access real funds and connect with other automated trading platforms. 

MT4 trading platform

For example, Forex Fury is a top trading bot which connects with some of the best MT4 brokers to open new positions automatically. Trading bots use MT4 and similar trading platforms as third-party software to buy and sell positions directly. 

Are Forex Trading Robots Legit?

Several forex trading bots are available on the market, which promise high levels of accuracy through their trading softwares. Therefore, it is essential for investors to review and analyze the platform features properly.

For example, Forex Fury is one of the best algorithmic trading platforms that allow investors to access demo accounts. This feature supports virtual currency trading without the risk of investing any real fiat currency. Such features allow users to get a firsthand experience of the trading features to decide on whether the platform is legit or not. 

How to Use a Forex Bot

The sections below provide a step-by-step guide on how to begin trading with Forex Fury – our recommended best forex trading bot for 2022. 

Step 1: Select a Forex Fury Package

Head over to the Forex Fury website and scroll down to view the available package options. Investors can choose between the Gold package ($229.99) or the Diamond package ($439.99), depending on their trading requirements. 

Forex Fury add to cart

Click on ‘Add to Cart’ to continue. 

Step 2: Buy the Forex Fury Package

Once you click on the package, the website will redirect you to a page that displays the payment options.

Forex fury payment

You will be asked to continue for your billing and bank card details. Alternatively, investors can purchase a package via PayPal. 

Step 3: Access the Demo Account

Forex Fury is one of the few trading bots that allows investors to access a demo account. After the purchase is complete, traders will receive an email with a registration link. The email will also redirect users to the download option for accessing the proprietary trading software. 

Traders can download the Forex Fury software in a few minutes, and then connect the platform with MT4 / MT5 brokers. After this, investors can access the demo account to begin trading in virtual currencies and get a firsthand experience of the platform set-up.

Step 4: Begin Trading with Forex Fury

After accessing the demo account, investors can choose to set their accounts live and begin trading with real funds. A highly customizable platform, investors can choose their preferred trading and risk management settings. 

Once the software is set live, gold members can access one live account, while diamond members can access two live accounts. 


This forex robot review has analyzed some of the best forex trading algorithms to invest in 2022. We recommend Forex Fury as the best robot for forex due to the availability of demos accounts, multiple tradable pairs and the high accuracy rate the platform claims to provide.

Readers may also be interested in our guide to the best automated trading platforms – topping our list was a licensed broker that supports copytrading across the forex, crypto and stock markets.

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It is vital to always invest responsibly in awareness of all risks involved. Markets can be extremely volatile, so you should conduct extensive research before investing. Our site provides regular updates and diligently verifies all platforms it recommends, but you should form your own opinion and invest only what you can afford to lose. There is never any guarantee of a return on investment.