YouTube Music’s 2022 Recaps is out now YouTube Music has rolled out the Recaps 2022 to allow users to revisit their favorite music tracks from the last 12 months to bid farewell to the year 2022.

Notably, YouTube music has come up with its ‘Recaps’ much ahead of Spotify’s ‘Wrapped,’ which usually arrives during the first week of December. With YouTube Music users enjoying Recaps, Spotify users are reported to have received emails stating that the Wrapped is all set to roll out soon.

YouTube taps in the first mover advantage by releasing its Recaps ahead of Spotify’s Wrapped

Nonetheless, with Wrapped already being around for a few years, YouTube music Recaps was launched last year for the first time. The aim was to give its listeners an experience that could take them through the whole year’s music journey in a similar fashion to YouTube Rewind. The feature lets users see the top songs, artists, playlists, music videos, and more from throughout the year. Moreover, YouTube says they are giving extra depth to the Recaps experience for 2022.

YouTube Took It Up A Notch This Year

The Recaps 2022 brought lots of new features, giving a personalized touch to your user profile on the app.

YouTube Music introduced a new stat, “Top Trends,” with its 2022 Recaps rollout. It lets users know which artist they discovered before others on the platform. Along with that, they also introduced another new feature- “Identity.” The feature determines a “Music Personality” for you based on the music you listen to throughout the year. The personalized feature is designed to complement your listening habits.

Apart from the above, Recaps 2022 also shares remixes and live performances from YouTube that you liked and watched the most the entire year. They also give you a shareable card with your music highlights, including the top songs of each season. You can add your images to this card directly from your Google Photos to give it a personalized touch.

You can share your personalized YouTube Recap across various social media platforms

You could access the Recaps only from the YouTube Music app until last year. However, the Recaps experience is also available this year on the main YouTube app. You can do so by going to the YouTube app on your Android or iOS device and then searching for “2022 Recap,” which will give you your Recaps playlist. You can also click on the Stories to see your personalized stories.

Along with viewing your top songs, music artists, and much more, you can also share your stats by tapping on the Arrow button at the bottom of each Recap story. The feature lets you share your Recaps with friends and family over social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

YouTube Music ‘Recaps’ Arrives Just Before Spotify ‘Wrapped’ This Time

Every year since 6 December 2016, Spotify’s ‘Wrapped’ takes social media by storm. With Recaps launched last year, YouTube also plans to capitalize on similar trends with its YouTube Music app.

Nonetheless, many speculate that YouTube Music released Recap 2022 ahead of Spotify’s Wrapped to get the advantage of early arrival. Plus, by adding remixes and live performances from the main YouTube app to the music app, they eye on getting an edge over the similar feature available on Spotify. YouTube says this integration will allow more users to engage with one another through their customized playlists, statistics, and shareable story cards.

However, the YouTube Music Recaps 2022 announcement came just a few hours following the release of the redesigned Apple Music Replay.

Features like YouTube Recap, Spotify Wrapped, and Apple Music Replay provide users with insight into their listening habits for the entire year in an interactive way. But by offering such features, music streaming apps also leverage the publicity generated by the content shared by the users on social media platforms.

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