More tech companies are joining the artificial intelligence (AI) arms race. One such company is the top customer relationship management company, Salesforce, which just recently launched its brand of AI tool called EinsteinGPT.

AI for Customer Success

In a March 7th press release, cloud-based software company Salesforce officially unveiled its line of AI tools called EinsteinGPT.

The global leader in customer success services said the AI tool is the first one geared towards customer relationship management (CRM) technology and is meant to produce AI-created content on a massive scale across sales, service, marketing, commerce, and IT interaction.

Not limited to this, Salesforce’s newly launched AI tool will also create personalized content across its cloud services, making sales representatives more productive and greatly improving customer experience.

Providing an idea of how EinsteinGPT will operate, Salesforce noted that it would be integrated with its proprietary AI models alongside generative AI from its ecosystem of partners to the Salesforce Data Cloud.

One such ecosystem of partners will be with the hugely popular OpenAI’s ChatGPT solution. With this tool, customers will be able to instantly synchronize their cloud data with the AI tool to gain real-time insights and generate content that better meets their customer’s expectations.

Einstein GPT is also expected to be open and extensible, meaning it will be available for public and private AI needs and is geared to cater to CRM services specifically. It will also be integrated into Slack solutions to help customers deliver instant conversation summaries, research tools, and writing assistance.

Commenting on the innovative solution, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff stated that Einstein GPT represents a unique means through which the company opens the doors to its customers into the future of AI hence why the product is integrated with OpenAI’s advanced nature-language prompts.

Benioff also said the service is natural, given that the software company has been preparing to launch a service that better connects with their customers in more intelligent, automated, and personalized ways.

Benioff has not been the only one to commend this remarkable trajectory for Salesforce. CEO of OpenAI Sam Altman has also pointed out the huge potential this brings for his company’s product.

“This will allow more people to benefit from this technology, and it allows us to learn more about real-world usage, which is critical to the responsible development and deployment of AI – a belief that Salesforce shares with us.”

Salesforce Ventures, the company’s venture capital arm, also announced a $250 million generative AI fund to incentivize developers and customer-facing businesses further. The funds will target high-potential startups, further improve the startup ecosystem, and spark the development of responsible, trusted, generative AI.

AI to Reduce Mundane Tasks

More companies are searching for the most efficient means to provide optimum value to their customers. However, what has served as a bottleneck has been the continued interference of mundane tasks like sending emails and responding to customer queries.

Speaking to CNBC’s Squawk Box, Salesforce Cloud Services CEO Clara Shih said this is coming to an end.

According to Shih, Einstein GPT will be able to handle mundane tasks like sending cold emails to customers, allowing these companies to focus on engaging with their customers and troubleshooting they run into.

Salesforce is not the only tech company looking to tap into the AI goldmine. Competitors like Microsoft are also on the track, having recently launched Microsoft Dynamics 365 Copilot, a CRM and ERP need.

Others, such as social media giant Meta, have also expressed interest in a product on the way.

Even though AI development has been in the making for more than a decade, the futuristic tech concept is seeing remarkable adoption following the successful launch of ChatGPT earlier in the year.

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