You Can Now Create Your 3D Avatar on WhatsApp With the launch announcement of its 3D avatar feature, Meta is all set to take things to the next level for the users of its instant messaging app WhatsApp.

Meta has already rolled out the 3D avatar feature for Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram months ago, and the same is now being made available for WhatsApp users as well. The rollout has begun from 07 December onwards, and the feature will soon be available worldwide across all platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of META, took to Facebook to officially announce the feature launch for WhatsApp users.

We’re bringing avatars to WhatsApp! Now you can use your avatar as a sticker in chats. More styles coming soon across all our apps.Mark Zuckerberg

According to sources, the feature had undergone several months of testing before its official launch and was first reported in June by WABetaInfo.

In its official blog post, WhatsApp mentioned that users would be able to create a personalized avatar of themselves. The avatar could be used as a profile picture as well as stickers with 36 different actions and emotions. Although the feature is new for WhatsApp users across different platforms, the Memoji of Apple and Bitmoji of Snapchat are similar features that have been around for quite some time.

WhatsApp’s 3D avatars are much like Snapchat’s Bitmojis, but with more customization options

WhatsApp says that users can create a digital version of themselves, i.e., an avatar, using billions of combinations of distinctive facial features, outfits, and hairstyles. They further said that users could also expect additional style enhancement features down the road, like hairstyle texture, lighting, shading, and much more. WhatsApp also believes that the avatar feature will revamp how its users share emotions and feelings with their friends and family.

In addition to the above, this WhatsApp feature is also supposed to be useful for those who prefer more privacy and anonymity. Such users would be able to use the avatar in place of the real photo of themselves as a display picture. Sources also suggest that WhatsApp will allow avatars to be used on video calls. However, it is not part of the current implementation.

Create, use, and share your avatar on the go

To be able to create your avatar, you first will have to ensure that the feature is available in your region or not. You can do so by going to settings and scrolling down to find the “Avatar” option.

You can create your avatar on WhatsApp by going to the app’s settings and then tapping on the avatar. Follow the prompts in the avatar creator box, select the style features, and tap on the “Done” button to create your avatar. Whatsapp would also allow you to copy your facial features into an avatar by using the mirror icon available on the screen. It will use your phone’s front camera to determine your facial features and create an avatar that looks similar to you.

WhatsApp’s 3D avatars are easy to create and can be used as stickers or your profile picture

You can also use your avatar as your WhatsApp profile photo by simply going to settings and tapping on the profile photo. Now tap on the “Edit” option and, after that, on the “Use Avatar” option to use your avatar as your profile photo. You can also browse through different avatar poses to select the one that suits you best to use as a profile picture. You can also customize the background color of your avatar to your liking.

To share your avatar sticker with someone, go to their WhatsApp chat and tap on the sticker icon. Now you will find a section with your stickers, scroll through and tap on the personalized sticker you want to share with someone to send it to them.

However, it is prudent to mention that the users would not be able to share their WhatsApp avatar on other Meta platforms, i.e., Facebook and Instagram. Both platforms have their 3D avatar features during 2019-2020 that cannot be exported for use in Whatsapp either.

Whatsapp will also allow you to delete your digital avatar by going to settings, tapping on the avatar, and then on delete avatar.

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