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Getty Images, one of the world’s largest paid online repositories of photographs, is not allowing creators to sell AI-generated content within its platforms due to concerns about the copyright claims on these artistic pieces.

“There are real concerns with respect to the copyright of outputs from these models and unaddressed rights issues with respect to the imagery, the image metadata and those individuals contained within the imagery”, Craig Peters, the CEO of Getty, told The Verge yesterday.

AI-generated images typically come from software such as Dall-E, Stable Diffusion, and Midjourney. Users tend to provide certain details to the algorithm so it can construct an image out of those instructions.

Certain images including pictures of individuals and pieces that have copyright tend to be used as the baseline to produce AI-generated content. This could be an issue as those who own the copyright can claim that their original pieces are being used without their authorization.

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Things could get even more complicated if these violations result in a lawsuit as a court of law would have to decide if the AI-generated piece is original amid the introduction of new elements and modifications made to the masterpiece.

It appears that platforms that sell imagery for commercial purposes are trying to protect themselves in case AI-generated pictures start to be considered illegal due to the extensive contribution of copyrighted material to their overall composition.

AI-Generated Artwork is Not Entirely Free of Human Input

Other platforms such as FurAffinity and PurplePort have also decided to ban users from publishing AI-generated content not just due to copyright concerns but also as their systems have been flooded by a significant number of these pieces.

Shutterstock, one of Getty Images’ toughest rivals in the photo repository market, appears to still be accepting AI-generated images despite reports that the platform was moving forward with a ban.

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According to people familiar with how AI-generated content is created, the authors of these images still have a significant influence on the outcome and, hence, there is a creative process involved that could justify a copyright claim.

This input includes any instructions given to the algorithm, the decision to include the pieces that will be used by the software to create the artwork, and other similar criteria. In addition, the images might be curated to some extent by using software such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator if the creator wants to add an additional touch to them.

What is Dall-E?

Dall-E is a digital artwork engine that uses artificial intelligence to create authentic artwork from text prompts. Users can currently access the beta version of Dall-E 2, the software’s most recent version, to create these synthetic images.

Dalle-E 2 is considered an upgraded version of its predecessor as it introduced several safety mechanisms that forbid the creation of violent, abusive, or adult imagery while it also minimizes the chances that the software will be used to generate altered versions of a real individual’s picture.

Dall-E was created by OpenAI, an organization that advocates for the use of artificial intelligence for the benefit of humanity. OpenAI charges a price per word used to generate imagery. The firm charges a flat fee per token used to create content. Each token represents approximately 0.75 words meaning that 1,000 tokens will get the user 750 words they can use to create AI-conceived imagery.

The price per token goes from $0.0004 to $0.02 depending on which base model the user picks. The most powerful model, the Davinci, may be able to create imagery out of the text prompts that can be considered more complex representations of what the user is attempting to recreate.

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