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Content creators now have an artificial intelligence (AI) assistant integrated into one of the largest content management systems (CMS), WordPress. Automattic, the company behind, the world’s largest open-source web resource announced on Tuesday.

Jetpack AI Assistant, as Automattic refers to the AI writing tool, debuted with various features and abilities to help content creators, editors, and publishers automate the process.

In an accompanying blog post, Automattic described the AI assistant as a “creative writing assistant” that allows users to “generate diverse content at your command, significantly reducing the time and effort required in content creation.”

Since the launch of ChatGPT last fall by OpenAI, generative AI has taken the world by storm with many companies rushing to gain a competitive edge in their respective industries.

Content creators already have access to oodles of AI writing tools including the most popular ones like Jasper, HubSpot, GrammarlyGo, and Writer SonicWriter Sonic. These writing tools powered by large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT can generate original content on almost any topic, optimize the content for search engines, paraphrase content and provide relevant attributes and citations.

Can WordPress’s Jetpack AI Assistant Revolutionize Content Creation?

In the announcement, Automattic lauded the new AI writing assistant, which supports up to 12 languages including the likes of French, Korean, English, and Spanish. This means that creators can write in their native language and publish in a different language without losing context and meaning.

Jetpack AI comes packed with features that help alter the tonality of the content to achieve either informal, humorous, skeptical, empathetic, or confident tones. Moreover, authors can use the tool to summarize their articles as well as automatically generate relevant titles.

Although Jetpack AI Assistant is free to use, users will be required to pay a $10 monthly fee to keep using it after exhausting their first 20 requests.

According to Automattic, the AI assistant works seamlessly with WordPress and any site that uses Jetpack.

You can insert an “AI Assistant” block into your post or page and write a natural language prompt.

The AI assistant will then generate text based on your prompt. You can use the AI assistant to come up with content ideas, as well as to create lists and tables within your blog post.

Jetpack AI Writing Assistant – Is it a Good Thing?

Automattic’s new plugin brings with it many features including, writing blog posts by simply entering a title, providing title recommendations, summarizing content, creating meta descriptions, and proofreading.

Users also have a plagiarism checker, allowing them to create original content not to mention the ability to generate more content and try different content templates.

Although it is too early to gauge how Automattic’s Jetpack AI Writing Assistant will impact the content space, Techradar believes it will help many people start their blogs without a lot of the hustle that has always been a barrier to entry.

“A tool like this would give you a personalized editor that could help you come up with ideas, taking the pressure off you,” Techradar said in a related report.

Despite all the goodies WordPress’s new plugin offers, some people say that it might “do more harm than good in the long run.”

The era of generative AI is already endangering various jobs like copywriting and personal assistants and many others. Moreover, if everyone starts creating content, just because they can, we risk having a lot of AI spam publications (hollow blogs) that may not achieve the same quality as humans.

AI hallucinations plague LLMs like ChatGPT. In other words, AI generative tools tend to produce inaccurate and often unverified results, which if not corrected could prove problematic in the future.

The best part of reading blogs is the experiences real people share in stories with varying perspectives, so using this new Jetpack AI assistant as a helper to reduce your work is one thing, but it’s another to be fooled into thinking you’re reading a real person’s opinions.

How can a bot understand human interests and experiences like gaming, motherhood, mental health, and more that it has not just copied from the web and spit out in a mess of words with no personality?

Nonetheless, having an official WordPress AI plugin could not have come at a better time now that everyone is releasing an AI tool. OpenAI’s ChatGPT also comes with similar plugins, although users must know how to navigate them to get the best out of the tools.

That said WordPress remains the undisputed king of CMSs and the most widely used website builder in the world, with a staggering 43.2% of all websites running on WordPress in 2022, based on data by HubSpot Blog.

WordPress market share | Source HubSpot Blog

WordPress also dominates the CMS market, with a 64.2% share among websites that use a CMS. WordPress is not only popular among bloggers, but also among e-commerce businesses, news organizations, and big brands like Disney, Sony, and Facebook.

The Automattic open-source platform is also the fastest-growing CMS, with more than 500 new WordPress sites created every day.

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