Wix has introduced an innovative AI-driven tool that streamlines the website creation process by generating a complete site based on user prompts.

Wix ADI Emerges to Simplify Website Building

Wix has taken a significant leap forward in web development by introducing the Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) feature. This cutting-edge tool goes beyond templates and utilizes AI algorithms to generate unique websites.

In the past, platforms like Wix offered users the ability to create websites by customizing pre-existing templates.

However, the Wix AI Site Generator takes website creation to a new level. Users can now simply describe their desired website, and the tool generates a complete site.

This includes the homepage, inner pages, text, images, and business-specific sections like events and bookings.

Avishai Abrahami, the CEO and co-founder of Wix, stated that the company aims to provide customers with substantial value as they build their websites and grow their businesses.

A survey by Top Design Firms in 2022 revealed that around 27% of small businesses still lack a website, citing challenges such as low traffic, incorporating advanced functionalities, and cost.

To address these issues, AI-powered tools like Wix ADI have become more accessible, even for individuals without a design background.

Wix offers a versatile platform that caters to users of all skill levels. Users can start from scratch, work with templates, or utilize Wix ADI as an AI website builder.

The AI Site Generator combines in-house and third-party AI systems and employs a chatbot-like interface to gather information about the site and business.

By converting user responses into a unique web template, the tool swiftly generates professionally designed websites tailored to specific needs.

While the AI Site Generator represents Wix’s most ambitious AI project to date, it is not their first venture in this field.

Recently, the company introduced a text creator powered by ChatGPT, which enables users to generate personalized content for specific sections of their websites.

Additionally, Wix’s AI-powered template text generator produces all the necessary text content for a specific website.

The company also offers an AI domain generator for brainstorming web domain names and a suite of AI image editing, fine-tuning, and creation tools.

Abrahami emphasizes that the AI Site Generator leverages Wix’s expertise and years of experience in AI to deliver high-quality content, tailored designs, and layouts.

After extensive testing and conversations with users, Wix is confident in the value it provides to customers, which is why they have decided to launch the AI Site Generator.

AI Technology Is Changing the Web

The availability of generative AI models has made it easier and more cost-effective to produce lower-quality content. However, it is important to be cautious about the implications associated with these technologies.

Newsguard, a company specializing in news source verification, revealed numerous ad-supported websites with generic names that disseminate misinformation generated using generative AI.

The proliferation of inexpensive AI-generated content also carries the risk of being deranked by search engines, which is something that small businesses certainly want to avoid at all costs.

Google says that it doesn’t derank sites just for having AI generated content but this kind of low-quality content could be seen by the search algorithm as less helpful to users, therefore it won’t be ranked high in the search results.

While Abrahami has not disclosed the specific measures Wix is taking to address this issue with AI-generated content, he highlights that Wix employs a range of tools to combat spam and abuse.

He explained, “We rely on our AI solutions, which have been extensively tested on large-scale quality data. By leveraging the insights gained from usage and building workflows across hundreds of millions of websites, we have multiple models, including AI, that prevent and detect misuse.”

He added that the company’s goal is to create a secure digital space that protects users’ fundamental rights.

In addition to the AI Site Generator, Wix plans to introduce new editing capabilities. This includes an AI-based page and section creator that allows customers to add new pages or sections to their website simply by describing their requirements.

Furthermore, the upcoming object eraser will empower users to extract objects from images and manipulate them as needed.

The new AI assistant tool will also offer suggestions for site enhancements, such as adding products or changing a design and creating personalized strategies based on analytics and site trends.

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