Figure, an artificial intelligence robotics company, has announced plans to create new general-purpose humanoid robots. Humanoid robots are one of the AI tech ideas that have remained fashionable for over a decade.

Figure To Create General-Purpose Humanoid Robots

The firm came into the spotlight earlier this week after revealing plans to launch its first general-purpose humanoid robots. The news also appeared the same week Tesla’s Optimus prototype revived discussion about the form factor, efficacy, and viability of general-purpose robots.

Launched in September 2022, Figure is a tech startup founded by Archer Brett Adcock. The startup has spent much time and money building a general-purpose bipedal humanoid robot. In the past few months, Figure has laid out the new project’s infrastructure.

Last year, the startup raised more than $100 million to fund the project. The company has also hired 40-person staff with excellent experience from notable firms, such as Boston Dynamics, Tesla, Apple SPG, IHMC, Cruise [and Alphabet X].In a short statement, Adcock remarked:

“We’ve been fortunate to hire the best in the world at specific skill sets in AI, Controls, Electrical, Integration, Software and Mechanical Systems. We’re at a point where we can commercialize robots that have been in R&D over the last two decades. A lot of our team has dreamt about doing this for a long time.”

Figure Launches Alpha Version Of Its Humanoid Robots

Figure, which has already completed its alpha launch of the new humanoid robots, is currently testing its Sunnyvale offices. While commenting about the latest development, Archer Brett Adcock, the founder of Figure, remarked:

“We are now working on our second-generation humanoid robot, which will be feature-complete for commercial operations. In the near term, we believe it’s important to validate our humanoid in commercial operations as the critical milestone for the Figure team.”

In the meantime, the system is focused on using robots to improve a wide range of manual labor tasks. It anticipates creating general-purpose industrial humanoid robots usable in warehouse fulfillment, logistics, manufacturing, and retail.

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