netflix launches nike training club content

Netflix is launching a new series of videos in collaboration with Nike as part of a new push to enter the fitness space as the company continues to diversify its content library.

According to a blog post published yesterday, the content comes from the Nike Training Club, a program created by the apparel company to help people in developing fitness habits through free workouts and wellness training.

Netflix plans to release a total of 46 episodes that will showcase yoga, high-intensity training, and core development exercises with a total duration of 30 hours combined. The content will be made available in two batches and the sessions will be available in multiple languages.

The Nike Training Club’s content has something to help individuals in all fitness levels, whether they are just getting started and lack the discipline to exercise regularly or are already high-performance individuals who are constantly training.

The first batch will be released on 30 December – an interesting date that coincides with the time that people start making their New Year’s resolutions. Losing some weight or getting in shape is often one of the goals people set for themselves at the start of a year.

This collaboration with Nike appears to be another intent from the Los Gatos-based video streaming service to further diversify its content library to include more than just series and movies.

Mobile Gaming and Cheaper Subscriptions: It Has Been a Busy Year for Netflix

Earlier this year, Netflix (NFLX) dived into the world of mobile gaming by launching its first original titles. A total of 30 games are already available within the platform for both iOS and Android devices.

In addition, Netflix created an in-house gaming studio in Finland that will allow the company to develop games for their most popular shows and movies to create a sort of ecosystem that solidifies the brand and keep users engaged and online.

Moreover, Netflix is also struggling to remain competitive in the increasingly crowded streaming space. In November this year, the firm officially launched its ad-supported subscription package in response to a slowdown in the pace at which its user base was growing.

Nike’s fitness content will be available to “Basic with Ads” users as well in high definition (720p) but they may have to endure some adverts while they train.

Netflix could use this collaboration with Nike to test the waters in case the company is thinking of launching an extensive library of on-demand fitness content to compete with companies such as Apple (AAPL) and Peloton (PTON).

The streaming company currently has more than 200 million subscribers. With the launch of Basic with Ads, the firm will start generating revenues from a new source in collaboration with Microsoft (MSFT) as the company founded by Bill Gates will manage Netflix’s advertising sales.

Have You Heard of FightOut? Here’s an Overview of this Web3 Fitness Startup

Speaking of fitness apps and online experiences, a new web3 project has been launched as part of an up-and-coming trend called move-to-earn (M2E). Its name is FightOut and its goal is to compensate people for completing workouts in real life.

To date, most M2E projects have focused on compensating individuals for walking or running a certain distance. Meanwhile, FightOut is encouraging folks to develop a healthy lifestyle by rewarding them with crypto tokens as they move through the many different training sessions set forth by the app.

Can the gamification of fitness and wellness be a solution for people who struggle to develop healthy habits? FightOut might answer this question. The project is currently raising capital via the presale of its native token FGHT meaning that investors have a chance to get in early to reap the rewards if this venture turns out to be what the fitness industry needed all along.

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