David Charles Grusch, a US Air Force veteran, is claiming that there is a top-secret US government program that has collected multiple alien spacecraft as well as ‘alien pilots.’ This seems crazy, and it is, but the claims are some of the most credible the public has ever heard about aliens and UFOs. He even has multiple other (active and retired) officials corroborating his story.

Does the US Have Aliens and Alien Spaceships?

Grusch’s claims are extremely extensive and were given under oath, at risk of being charged with perjury if he lied. He reportedly gave Congress hundreds of pages of classified information transcribed from hours and hours of his recordings.

Unfortunately, he didn’t provide Congress with any physical evidence of the spacecraft. He says that the information came from detailed interviews with a myriad of top officials, some of whom were allegedly directly involved in these secret programs.

He claims that the government has been collecting intact alien spaceships as well as pieces of broken ships for decades. He says that US allies and defense contractors help retrieve and study the ships and that they have been confirmed to be “of exotic origin” (meaning non-human intelligence).

Grusch says that the US is trying to use these spacecraft to reverse engineer technology to use to bolster national security.

Who is David Grusch, the Alien and UFO Whistleblower?

David Grusch in an interview with News Nation

David Grusch seems to be one of the most reliable and credible people to make such incredible claims. Grusche worked closely with multiple agencies surrounding the US’ research into UAPs or unidentified aerial phenomena (also known as UFOs). He worked at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) as well as the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO).

He acted as the NRO’s representative to the US UAP Task Force from 2019-2021 and then worked as the NGA’s UAP analysis co-lead (and representative to the UAP Task Force) from 2021-2022.

It seems like he built up a great reputation in the community. Karl Nell, a retired Colonel who worked with Grusch as a liaison for the UAP Task Force, said that he is “beyond reproach.”

These claims coming from anyone but an Air Force and Intelligence Community vet involved in the UAP Task Force would be immediately ignored and likely made fun of. It makes perfect sense that Grusch would be the one to come forward with this complaint.

He wasn’t just involved with the UAP Task Force. He acted as a liaison between the Intelligence Community’s UAP research and Congress, writing briefs to ensure lawmakers were well informed.

Grusch’s claims gained even more credibility because the Inspector General of the US Intelligence Agencies found them ‘credible and urgent.’

The main reason he says he made the complaint is because this information was illegally being kept from Congress by certain parts of the US Intelligence Community. He also filed a complaint saying that he was suffering illegal retaliation from his former peers (and bosses) for his disclosures.

David Grusch Isn’t Standing Alone

These claims are especially credible because multiple independent witnesses are corroborating them. Multiple current and former officials placed close to these alleged programs, have confirmed Grusch’s claims.

This is supported by Christopher Mellon, a veteran of the US Intelligence Community for nearly 20 years. Mellon’s backing is a massive point in Grusch’s favor because he served as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, which included working with Congress on UAPs.

Mellon said that “A number of well-placed current and former officials have shared detailed information with me regarding this alleged program, including insights into the history, governing documents, and the location where a craft was allegedly abandoned and recovered.”

He goes on to say that it is a particularly delicate matter because many of these officials don’t trust their leadership in the Intelligence Community to fairly consider and validate their claims. If the claims are all true and it has been hiding this extraordinary information from everyone, this is quite reasonable.

One of the officials to come forward confirming Grusch’s wild claims is Jonathan Grey, a long-standing officer of the Intelligence Community with top-secret clearance studying UAPs at the National Air and Space Intelligence Center.

Grey said that “The non-human intelligence phenomenon is real. We are not alone.” He continued by adding yet another incredible claim: “Retrievals of this kind are not limited to the United States. This is a global phenomenon, and yet a global solution continues to elude us.”

The chance that a small number of officials and workers in these top-secret groups could keep this under wraps for decades is one thing. The chance that multiple government agencies around the world are collecting alien spaceships in complete secrecy is even more remote.

Interestingly, these extraordinary claims seem to somewhat fit with those of Bob Lazar, who is famous for his stories of studying crashed UAPs. Lazar doesn’t have anywhere near the credibility, support, corroboration, or evidence that Grusch does, however.

If the US is Collecting Aliens and UFOs, Why Isn’t It Front-Page News?

The other fascinating angle of this situation is that much of the mainstream media in the US has completely ignored it. The authors of the breaking story published in The Debrief, Leslie Kean and Ralph Blumenthal, reportedly brought the story to The New York Times, The Hill, Politico, and The Washington Post and they all turned it down.

It’s certainly odd that many of the most respected publications, most of which have run stories about UFOs in the past, all passed on the biggest and most credible UFO story of the 20th century. The New York Times’ absence is especially odd given that Kean and Blumenthal wrote the breaking story that uncovered the formation of the UAP Task Force for the paper in 2017.

Some critics claimed that these publications were warned or somehow pressured by the intelligence community to not cover the story. Popular political pundit Saagar Enjeti detailed his suspicions in a recent segment of the show he co-hosts called Breaking Points.

Right-wing commentator Tucker Carlson also suggested that the media intentionally ignored the story despite its explosive ramifications in the first episode of his new show hosted on Twitter. Of course, these publications may simply think that the claims are too exotic and crazy to report on.

No hard evidence that could substantiate Grusch’s claims has reached the public yet so it’s impossible to entirely confirm anything he has said. Even though the claims are surprisingly credible and there are multiple other corroborating officials, they should be taken with a grain of salt, for now at least.

The nature of Grusch’s claims is beyond extraordinary so the public should wait for extensive proof before freaking out about aliens hiding among us. However, that doesn’t mean that the public should not push for this information to be released.

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