While Google and Meta Are Stumbling Over Themselves to Push Out AI Products, Amazon is Playing the Long Game

Amazon recently decided to enter the AI race alongside other tech giants. However, while the others are in a rush to quickly push out AI products and take the lead in the rapidly expanding sector, Amazon is taking it slow, playing the long game.

Amazon’s Competitors are 3 Steps Ahead in a 10km Race

The company’s cloud service recently entered the AI space with a $100 million investment. While this is a considerable sum, Amazon’s cloud unit said this is only a fraction of the amount the company intends to use.

The money will be spent on creating a center specializing in helping businesses use Generative AI, according to Amazon Web Services CEO Adam Selipsky.

Selipsky commented on the current state of the AI sector, noting that big tech rivals such as Google have declared “code red” on the launch of OpenAI’s large language model.

Tech firms have already started launching AI products, specifically AI generative solutions.

As Amazon’s fastest-growing and most profitable segment, AWS — which generated $80 billion in 2022 alone — has the means to enter a race and try to catch up to other competitors.

The current leaders in the AI sector include Microsoft, Google, as well as Meta. However, according to Selipsky, the companies are only on “step three” in a 10-kilometer race when it comes to generic AI.

This suggested that Amazon is biding its time, and planning a long-term strategy, treating AI development as a marathon rather than a short race where one would sprint their way to victory.

Selipsky said,

Ask yourself the question – where are the individual runners in the three stages of a 10km race? Does it really matter? The point is, you’re three steps ahead, and it’s a 10km race.

Amazon added that the business is already working with several companies, including Lonely Planet and Ryanair. It added that the center is a program instead of a physical location.

Amazon will Use Customers as the Guiding Light

As for the fact that other Big Techs are investing billions into AI, Selipsky noted that Amazon’s core principle is being obsessed with the customer.

This is a mindset that Jeff Bezos himself pioneered, and it became the way Amazon works. The company will use this idea to navigate the AI waters, meaning that it will use customers as the guiding light when it comes to AI.

In other words, Amazon will focus on that which interests users. Of course, AI will have a huge role to play in the company’s future.

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy spoke of this, saying it will be a “big deal” for businesses across a range of services. The new technology will change a lot over the years and improve every customer experience.

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