WhatsApp to Finally Add Usernames and Screen Sharing
Source: TechGig.com

Instant messaging platform WhatsApp is set to roll out exciting conversational features, including usernames and screen sharing.

The new set of features will enable users to find other members and share their screens for a better immersive experience in the communication sphere.

New Messaging Features in Beta Mode for Further Testing

As exclusively detailed in a recent WaBetaInfo report, WhatsApp has added usernames and screen sharing on its Google Play Beta version and, respectively.

Although the new features update is only available on the Beta program, there are ongoing plans to unveil and roll out these additions in a future update of the instant messaging app.

The username version is integrated into the Google Play Beta version for Android, enabling WhatsApp users to select unique usernames that automatically link to their accounts.

In the future, a username addition to the WhatsApp ecosystem could mean that users will find each other seamlessly without the need for conventional phone numbers.

WhatsApp Username
Source: Gulf News

There could be a search bar to input usernames that automatically loads profiles of relevant users, similar to social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

According to the messaging app’s early Beta version testers, conversations on the platform started with usernames that also come with the platform’s end-to-end privacy encryption.

The Beta version for Android incorporates a new screen-sharing feature with a dedicated “screen sharing” button.

Once clicked, users will be required to confirm sharing content from their screen on a video call with a single or group of users.

Users needing little tech support or clueless about navigating some buttons on WhatsApp can opt for a call to any of their contacts and share their screen to enable a much easier solution to hassles.

WhatsApp’s New Work-Centric Features Will Rival Zoom and Microsoft Teams

WhatsApp is arguably the biggest and most popular instant messaging platform, with millions of users sending text messages and making video calls daily.

The messaging app also enables users to make and send screenshots, web links, and real-time locations to friends and families.

However, its major constraint has been the inability to share screens with other users.

This makes it complex when users try to explain a concept, showcase a specific service, or change a setting on the phone.

WhatsApp Setting
Source: CBackup

Nevertheless, that will soon be a limitation of the past due to the soon coming screen sharing and usernames addition to the WhatsApp ecosystem in the future.

The new features are touted to sprout a healthy or intense competition with work-centric platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, and others.

Currently, in the process of rolling out an intrinsic-powered screen-sharing feature, WhatsApp could be the most used messaging application globally due to its renewed stacks of offerings that appeals to basic texters and professional communicators.

The app enables users to text, make video calls, search for other users via unique display names, and share screenshots, locations, web links, and screens with other users.

The new immersive and intuitive experience will promote productivity in the business world.

Other Features to Be Excited About

Although the addition of usernames and screen sharing in the Beta Program has stolen major headlines in the tech and communication media sector, other rolling-out features include a “Status Archive” setting.

The Status Archive looks limited to the beta’s business account. However, users will be allowed to archive statuses after 24 extra hours and reshare them at their designated period of choice.

WhatsApp Status Archive
Source: Beebom

Other features include message editing. The update will enable WhatsApp users to alter messages within 15 minutes of sending them.

This update comes with the caveat that altered texts will have the word “edited” written beside the message timestamp.

WhatsApp is yet to release an official date or confirm the addition of the usernames and screen-sharing features.

However, users can proceed to register and test the beta to have a taste of what is to come.

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