Grief Tech Integration

Losing a loved one is one of the most painful and difficult experiences for any human to go through. The unfortunate experience has attracted several tech startups to explore ways that might bring back people from the dead.

HereAfter, an American artificial intelligence AI-powered firm, is a perfect example, pioneering to bring people from the dead. In a short interview with euronews, James Vlahos, the co-founder of HereAfter, narrated how he has applied the “grief tech” to bring back his father from the dead.

What Is Grief Tech And How Does It Work?

During the interview, HereAfter’s top executive and AI tech guru revealed that he began exploring how to bring back life from the dead in 2016 when he discovered that his beloved father was about to die from terminal lung cancer.

At the time, Vlahos began collecting memories from his father’s life story, everything from childhood memories to his favorite sayings, songs, and jokes. He later spent nearly a year programming a chatbot replica of his father: the ‘Dadbot.’

Interestingly, the “Dadbot” successfully revived his father’s stories via text messages, audio, images, and video, creating an interactive experience that emulated the unique nuances of an individual of Vlahos’ dad.

Even though the artificial version did not replace the Vlahos’ real father, it gave him some comfort and a more improved way to remember him in the form of an AI afterlife. The method is much better than keeping a dusty photo album or dormant Facebook profile.

Grief Tech, ChatGPT And Metaverse Integration

In recent months, tech companies have begun exploring new ways to advance Vhalos’ idea of preserving memories to create a replica of an individual. Last year, StoryFile, an AI-powered tech firm similar to HereAfter, recorded footage before a person’s death and made it interactive through conversational AI and a holographic avatar.

StoryFile enabled an 87-year-old woman to attend her own funeral in the UK. The integration proved that conversation AI such as ChatGPT, a powerful chatbot created by OpenAI, may be applied to accelerate the development of grief tech.

Somnium Space, another artificial intelligence tech firm, recently began integrating conversation AI, grief tech, and metaverse to create a replica that can live immortally in the metaverse. Nonetheless, the concept is still yet to be fully defined.

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