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Warner Bros recently flashed the screens with its latest wannabe blockbuster of the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) – a thrilling superhero movie called Black Adam starred by no other than “The Rock” Wayne Johnson.

The early reviews of the films have not been too kind thus far as Rotten Tomatoes have given Black Adam a 45% rating out of 141 votes with some prominent critics deeming the action piece “the worst of the year”.

Some of the arguments that critics have fired against the anti-hero movie directed by Jaume Collet-Serra are that the script is filled with holes and that it depicts the superhero as a murder-friendly character who does not truly understand what his true purpose is.

In addition, the film is reportedly filled with special effects and gory action scenes where The Rock smashes military personnel sent to contain him after he is woken up from a multi-century sleep.

Charles Pulliam-Moore from The Verge writes:

“Rather than placing Teth-Adam into imaginative situations designed to show off his power set, Black Adam instead features an overabundance of visceral 300-style action sequences that slow down and speed up in order to accentuate how unbothered the demigod is as he’s zapping people with lightning or tossing them into the sky before their spines are crushed”.

The Film & TV writer summarizes the movie as follows: “Warner Bros.’ long-awaited Black Adam movie starring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is a one-note spectacle for children about how cool murder is”.

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This opinion is shared by many of the critics who voiced their negative comments against Black Adam on Rotten Tomatoes.

For example, Russ Simmons from KKFI-FM in Kansas City wrote: “If your idea of a good time is seeing The Rock smash up $200 million worth of CGI scenery for over two hours, you’ll get your money’s worth”.

Early Box Office Numbers Are Positive for Black Adam, Can The Money Keep Coming?

Warner Bros reportedly spent around $185 million in making the film and the box-office numbers thus far have not been that bad as Black Adam managed to pull around $60 million domestically during its first weekend on the screens, data from Deadline suggests.

At a global scale, Deadline estimates are forecasting a $125-$135 million debut for Black Adam once theaters in Europe and Asia start displaying the anti-hero film.

However, these early negative reviews about the movie could once again affect its performance in the following weeks as Johnson’s incursion in the DCEU does not seem to come any close to what fans were expecting from Warner.

The DCEU Remains a Disorganized Library of Disconnected Hero Stories

Black Adam aside, there is much to figure out by Warner Bros to make the DCEU a coherent mosaic of stories that can suddenly confluence.

The Amber Heard-Johnny Depp trial and the many controversies associated with that situation led to yet another delay in the release of the Aquaman 2 film. Moreover, the studio abruptly canceled the widely-awaited Batgirl despite the movie being pretty advanced in the production process.

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In addition, no plans have been laid out for the Justice League and Superman while the latest Robert Pattinson batman remains an isolated character who is not part of the main DC universe.

A lack of consistency and coherence when it comes to producing movies that can be mixed into a higher narrative of an unfolding multiverse of DC characters has, to some extent, doomed some of the franchise’s most remarkable superheroes in the Hollywood scene as fans have been disappointed over and over again.

Can Black Adam change the trajectory of the DCEU for good? Based on the movie’s early reviews, this seems like a distant possibility.

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