The world of content moderation has been cast back into the public consciousness with Elon Musk’s open tweets about how the Twitter algorithm has many contentious aspects to it.

The debate has been raging over the ways in which content ought to be moderated, and how best to do so in a manner that is fair.

Musk, for example, has been very public in that he believes the best way to ensure that content moderation tools are provably neutral is to open source their code.

Unitary wants to use AI to moderate content

One of the ways that some people believe that content can be moderated more effectively is through the use of artificial intelligence.

Unitary is one company that believes that this is the right path forward, since it means that a lot of human interaction can be extricated from the process in order to create results that are less subjective.

One of the main concerns with this line of thinking is that the programmers of any content moderation code are still human, and would still have their biases – this is a particularly large problem if the code itself is not open-sourced or depends on third parties which have subjective criteria.

Unitary has just raised $8m for their AI

The team at Unitary are proud to share that there are many investors who share their perspective on AI, and they have just managed to raise an impressive $8m for their project.

The funding round was led by Ian Hogarth, CEO of music startup Songkick, and angels include former Meta executive Carolyn Everson who will also be joining the board.

Venture capitalists now seem to be investing en masse into the industry of artificial intelligence, after the advent of ChatGPT created a new wave of hype in the sector,

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