Twitter Makes the "For You" Algorithmic Timeline Default on iOS

Twitter has announced it’ll make its algorithmic timeline, known as “For You,” the default feed on iOS.

This decision may seem familiar as the company attempted to introduce similar changes in the past but faced backlash, ultimately giving its users the option to switch back to a chronological timeline.

Twitter is claiming that this new change will make it easier for its users to change between the newly named “Following” and “For You” timelines

The company, led by Elon Musk this time, is making changes to the timeline feature by making it display both algorithmic and chronological feeds side-by-side.

Previously, users had to tap on the sparkle icon in the top right corner to switch between the “Latest” and “Home” timelines, and now they can switch between them by swiping on their phone screens.

The drawback of the new design, however, is that the algorithmic timeline is the default one, which may result in the chronological timeline being used less by the users.

An additional inconvenience brought with this change is that users currently relying on pinned lists for alternate timelines will now have to swipe more frequently to switch between them.

This change was predictable after Elon Musk tweeted a comment about the main timeline, saying it should,

Allow for an easy sideways swipe between the top, latest, trending, and topics that you follow.

Last month, Twitter introduced a new feature that shows you how many people view your tweets and noted it’s working on showing you more tweets from people you don’t follow.

During the update, the company said the change aimed to promote the display of the “best” content to all users.

Twitter isn’t alone in using an algorithmic feed as the default option, with other platforms, such as TikTok and Instagram, also implementing similar strategies.

Instagram has increasingly been promoting suggested content to its users, while TikTok already shows its users an algorithmic feed, also named “For You.”

Although Instagram allows users to switch between a chronological and a favorites feed, there’s no option to set one of them as the default timeline.

Musk has other personalization features planned for Twitter as well

Mark Zuckerberg said last year that the company plans to double the amount of recommended content by the end of this year.

While the company is in a tough spot right now as it battles a massive data breach and fake verified accounts, the switch to an algorithmic timeline isn’t the only change Musk’s Twitter plans on bringing.

Musk said the company plans to build features for people to change font size and add styles like italic, bold, and underline. According to Musk, these features aim to encourage users to “publish long-form content natively” on the platform.

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