biz stone co-founder of twitter

The co-founder of Twitter, Biz Stone, made a surprising move this week after joining the Board of Directors of Chroma, a startup that focuses on developing an aesthetic audiovisual experience for music listeners.

Stone, who is also one of the co-founders of the blogging startup Medium, became an angel investor shortly after leaving the micro-blogging platform he built alongside Jack Dorsey and then started a startup incubator called the Obvious Corporation. Other successful ventures he has led include Jelly, an app that was sold to Pinterest in 2017.

The leadership team of Chroma commented in a LinkedIn post that they “cannot wait to create the future of sound together” with the help of Stone. Meanwhile, the tech investor stated that Chroma is “changing the nature of music and sound and making it a more interactive and immersive experience. In practice, this involves touchable, dynamic visuals that create a sound-driven digital space that users can explore and interact with for a variety of purposes.”

Chroma Launched its First Public Project Recently – Spoiler Alert: Its Not Innovative

Four months ago, the company shared its first public project, a composition called LUX AETERNA that was created in collaboration with ARCA, a music company called BRONZE, and by leveraging the expertise of Chroma’s founder – Andreas Pihlström.

“Lux Aeterna is a synaesthetic space. An interplay between sound and image with endless musical patterns with original music by Arca”, the firm commented back then.

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LUX AETERNA uses a combination of light in different tonalities, colors, and brightness levels to convey emotions to the listener. The technology can be used to create more immersive experiences for music listeners to enjoy and could be a great starting point for metaverse-based initiatives.

“I think it’ll lend itself really well to the metaverse equipment when that’s more ubiquitous. But I can also see it on my Apple TV. I would love to have it on there. Anywhere there’s great sound and visuals”, Stone told the tech-focused magazine TechCrunch.

Chroma was founded less than two years ago and has already raised $5.4 million from private investors including the founders of Pinterest, Evan Sharp and Ben Silbermann, and European VC firms Singular and Adjacent.

Stone will bring a lot of experience to the table when it comes to building early-stage companies. In the specific case of Chroma, he can guide the team to focus on certain strategic initiatives and product development projects that can be considered the most promising among a wide array of ideas.

In this regard, the former Twitter exec said: “These guys are brimming with different ideas. So, the challenge has been to narrow it down because it’s a small team and to get something done they need to not do a whole bunch of stuff”.

Stone Has a Few Things to Say About Elon Musk’s Twitter

The Guardian recently interviewed Stone to get his thoughts about what Elon Musk is doing to the micro-blogging platform he helped build. Biz questioned the skillset of the founder of Tesla (TSLA) as being the right fit for the job.

Stone said that the decision to lay off so many people is never a “win-win situation” and emphasized that some positive changes he pushed forward during the time he spent at Twitter a few years ago have been fully unwound.

He also made some comments about Mastodon, another micro-blogging platform that has jumped to the spotlight after Musk’s takeover of Twitter.

“It would only matter that Twitter the idea continued. And that’s happened. That seems to be happening already. Mastodon seems to be winning the open-source, decentralised version of Twitter. People seem to be going there.”, Stone asserted.

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