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Materials shared with the sales team of the recently-acquired social media company, Twitter, indicate that 15 million new users have joined the platform since Elon Musk completed the takeover, as per a report from The Verge.

As a result of this growth, Twitter’s monetizable daily average users (mDAU) should have jumped to more than 253 million based on the firm’s latest quarterly report, which covered the second quarter of 2022.

The materials were handed over by the Vice President of Twitter Next who is apparently taking over the sales department after the departure of Twitter’s head of advertising, Sarah Personette, who left the firm alongside many other execs after the head of Tesla (TSLA) took over the helm.

The goal of this information is to brief advertisers about the state of affairs at the social media company days after Musk came in while also responding to the most frequently asked questions they have made given the significant amount of criticism and an alleged spike in hate speech and racism within the platform.

Even though users may be flocking to the platform, advertisers are a different matter. In a tweet published 4 days ago, Musk commented that Twitter has experienced “a massive drop in revenues” in the days that followed the takeover amid what he believes is a coordinated campaign from activist groups to pressure advertisers to abstain from using the platform.

To ease some of advertisers’ top concerns, the information provided to the sales team also indicates that the levels of hate speech have remained within historical averages after Musk’s takeover.

Musk Forced to Take a Pause Amid Public Outcry and Midterm Elections

The founder of SpaceX has been forced to dial back on some of his intentions lately as some have faced tough criticism from influencers such as the mandatory subscription to Twitter Blue to maintain their “verified” blue ribbon.

Musk first intended to raise Twitter’s subscription price to $20 per month but eventually settled at $8 – a $3 increase compared to the pre-Musk price. In addition, Musk backed down from rolling out this change until the US’s midterm elections pass as security agencies were concerned that the measure could lead to a spike in bad actors’ efforts to spread fake news and misinform the public.

In addition, the billionaire tech entrepreneur has taken aggressive action to curve the firm’s overhead such as laying off half of Twitter’s personnel. Sources state that roughly half of the company’s headcount has been sacked.

However, a report from Bloomberg indicated that Twitter was forced to ask some of the laid off engineers to get back to work as the platform started to experience technical issues that the active staff was unable to resolve.

The report cites that some of those employees were incorrectly laid off while others may have been let go before the leadership team appropriately assessed their functions to establish if they were critical to the company’s operations.

Developers Fear that Twitter’s Systems Could Falter After Layoffs

Some external parties have warned that Twitter’s latest changes could lead to significant instability in the company’s internal systems and the back-end infrastructure that holds up the social media platform.

Even though this may not happen over night, there have been signs that Twitter’s systems are suffering. Just days ago, users started to report that manual retweets were brought back. However, experienced developers noted that this may have been a glitch rather than an intentional change to the platform’s interface and that it could be a sign of troubles to come.

Musk has imposed strict deadlines for the developing team to finalize the changes he wants to make to the platform in an effort to make Twitter a place that fully promotes free speech. Some reports state that the staff has been staying overnight at the company’s headquarters as they struggle to meet the new CEO’s timetable.

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