Twitter Blue Users Can Now Upload 60 Minutes Videos

It’s especially helpful for artists, as they can now utilize Twitter to broadcast longer movies and may reach a larger audience.

Twitter recently announced that Twitter Blue users will now be able to upload videos of up to 60 minutes in length.

Before the update, Twitter Blue subscribers could only upload video files up to 10 minutes in length at a resolution of 1080p and with a file size limit of 512MB.

With this new update, they can upload video files up to 60 minutes in length at a resolution of 1080p and a file size of 2GB. However, if you’re uploading from iOS or Android devices, the 10-minute video limit still applies.

Nonetheless, the video duration limit for regular users remains unchanged, i.e., 2 minutes and 20 seconds.

Twitter users will almost certainly be pleased to see that the maximum duration of a video can now be increased, as this will enable them to post longer-form content and tell more in-depth tales.

Twitter is also considering enhancing the quality of uploaded videos for distribution to adapt them for different media better.

Twitter, on their support page, mentioned that they’re striving to upkeep the best possible video quality for all the videos uploaded to their platform.

They further added that they may “modify or adapt” the originally uploaded video for “distribution, syndication, publication, or broadcast” by Twitter or any of its partners to “adapt it to different media.

Upcoming Challenges

The new longer video upload limit poses a challenge for Twitter in terms of tackling piracy. Fraudsters are now more capable of broadcasting someone else’s work without their consent due to the longer duration available per video.

To that end, Twitter’s copyright systems must be able to detect and remove any infringing content quickly.

There’s no limit to the number of videos you can upload, even if all videos are the maximum length.Twitter Blog

Another important question is how Twitter plans on monetizing these longer videos. YouTube displays multiple ads during such longer clips. However, it’s currently unknown whether Musk-led Twitter will adopt this strategy.

By offering more features and capabilities to its paid users, Twitter hopes to attract more subscribers and increase revenue.

Twitter Blue users will also have access to other premium features, such as the ability to undo tweets and customize their app icon. These features are designed to give users more control and flexibility when using the platform.

Twitter also recently launched Blue For Business, an additional program that allows businesses to identify their affiliated brands and employees via an additional square badge, which was rolled out this week following a disastrous first rollout in November.

The rollout of the extended video length feature is part of Twitter’s ongoing efforts to serve its users better and provide them with more value for their subscriptions.

The increased video length limit isn’t the only change that Twitter has made in recent months. The platform has also introduced several other features, including the ability to schedule tweets and the option to save drafts.

These changes aim to make Twitter more user-friendly and help users get the most out of their experience on the platform.

Despite the many positive changes that Twitter has made in recent months, it’s important to note that the extended video length feature is only available to Twitter Blue subscribers.

The regular and verified users will still be restricted from uploading videos of up to 2 minutes and 20 seconds, and only those willing to pay for the premium service will have access to the extended video length.