In a recent turn of events, Twitch, the popular streaming platform, has made a surprising backtrack on its payment policies. Faced with a wave of discontent from numerous top streamers, who have openly threatened to leave the platform, Twitch has pledged to increase the compensation for its content creators.

This unexpected development has sparked widespread discussion and speculation about its implications on the streaming landscape.

Twitch Introduces Partner Plus Program

Twitch, the popular platform for live-streaming, recently announced a new program called Partner Plus. This program is designed to help streamers earn more money from their subscriptions. It comes as a response to the mixed feedback Twitch received last year when they changed how streamers get paid.

However, the goal of this program is to give qualifying streamers a better share of the revenue from subscriptions.

Twitch’s “Partner Plus” program offers streamers a better deal for their subscriptions. If they meet the requirements, they can get a 70% of the revenue from monthly and gift subscriptions.

Although, there is a condition to note: this applies only to the first $100,000 they earn in a year. After that, the split returns to the default 50/50, with half going to the streamer and half to Twitch.

Challenges for Newer Streamers in Twitch’s Partner Plus Program

To be eligible for Twitch’s Partner Plus program, streamers must consistently maintain at least 350 paying subscribers for three consecutive months. This requirement can pose challenges for newer or smaller streamers still working on growing their audience.

Once a streamer qualifies and becomes a Partner Plus member, they will remain enrolled in the program for 12 months, even if their subscriber count falls below 350 during that time.

It’s important to note that the Partner Plus program offers several benefits, including a higher revenue share, priority support, and exclusive features.

However, smaller streamers may face difficulties attracting and retaining a consistent subscriber base due to limited exposure, competition from more established streamers, or limited resources for promoting their content effectively.

Community Response and Implications of Twitch’s Partner Plus Program

Last year, Twitch implemented changes to its streamer payment system, resulting in controversy among creators who desired a fairer revenue split regardless of their size. While introducing the Partner Plus program aims to address some of these concerns, it remains uncertain if it will fully resolve the complaints regarding Twitch’s revenue practices.

The Partner Plus program is undoubtedly a positive development for creators previously subject to a 50/50 revenue split on Twitch. However, some creators still feel that Twitch takes a significant portion of their earnings, considering the content they produce.

This issue arose at a critical time for Twitch, as they faced criticism for their stringent branded content rules, leading to revisions due to community backlash.

Starting in October, Twitch will notify eligible streamers who meet the Partner Plus requirements between July and September, granting them the opportunity to enjoy a more favorable revenue share.

Sum Up

Twitch’s introduction of the Partner Plus program aimed to address creator concerns about the revenue split, but its effectiveness in fully resolving the complaints remains uncertain. While it offers a positive development for streamers, some still believe that Twitch takes a significant portion of their earnings, and this issue comes at a critical time for the platform amidst criticism over its branded content rules.

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