transcription software developer fireflies launches ai tool called askfred

The voice assistant and transcription tool Fireflies just launched a new feature powered by ChatGPT called AskFred that will help hosts make the most out of their conversations by storing key information that can be later queried.

In a press release published this morning, the company announced the launch of this new tool that lets users “ask questions about what happened during the meeting and receive answers in a conversational style”.

Fireflies cites that hosts may struggle to remember some key moments or comments made during these encounters, which forces them to browse through lengthy recordings. This is a time-consuming activity that AskFred will completely get rid of as the smart tool will create transcripts of the meeting that it will rely on to answer any questions that the host may have about what went down.

With AskFred, Fireflies is taking things up a notch as meeting hosts will no longer have to set up these tasks manually as the AI tool will take care of it. Some of the things that AskFred may be able to do include creating post-meeting e-mails and writing blog posts or social media content from the information discussed in the meeting.

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“Our mission is to help turn conversations into actions. We are starting with where people spend the most amount of time in conversations– meetings”, the firm’s co-founder and CEO, Krish Ramineni, commented about the new tool.

For people who spend hours in video conferences and sales calls, a virtual assistant like AskFred can become a valuable tool to make sure that no relevant information is lost and can be quickly turned into actionable elements within their organizations.

This is the first of many AI-powered tools that Fireflies plans to release soon. These solutions will be available to both Pro and Business users and will be priced separately due to the high costs of running them.

SaaS Companies Are Rapidly Integrating ChatGPT into Their Platforms

Many companies are looking for ways to integrate ChatGPT into their products and services. One example of this is Orca Security, an Israeli cloud risk management platform that recently launched a tool that automatically comes up with remedies for any type of cybersecurity risks that emerge by tapping on the firm’s existing knowledge base.

ChatGPT made available a premium version of its service for individual users in the United States. The cost of accessing this membership is $20 per month and the benefits include faster response times and access during times of peak usage.

Meanwhile, the firm is reportedly working on making available an application programming interface (API), which is a tool used by developers to easily incorporate the technology into their products and solutions.

Companies like Orca and Fireflies may have negotiated directly with OpenAI to get privileged access to ChatGPT or they may be using the GPT-3 language model that the firm has already made available.

More Details About Fireflies

Fireflies is an application that can be integrated with the most popular video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams to create transcripts and workflows that can be sent to CRM tools such as Salesforce, Asana, or Slack.

The company was co-founded by Krish Ramineni and Sam Udotong and it has offices in 11 different countries. More than 60,000 organizations reportedly rely on Fireflies’ solutions to make the most out of their video and voice conversations including Netflix (NFLX), Uber, and Nike.

The firm’s subscription packages start at $10 per month per user for the Pro solution, which supports up to 8,000 minutes of storage per seat and provides access to unlimited transcription credits.

There is also a free version that small organizations or freelancers can tap on that supports 800 minutes of storage per seat. However, transcription credits are limited for this version.

According to Crunchbase, has received $19 million in venture capital funding since the firm was founded. The latest funding round took place in May 2021 when the firm received $14 million during its Series A capital raise from top VCs including Khosla Ventures and Canaan.

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