TikTok is now being investigated in Vietnam, where the government is set to take a far closer look at the specifics of their operation.

The reason for this decision has been that the Vietnamese government feel as though the app poses a risk to their culture and way of life, and aids the proliferation of “toxic” content. They are also investigating the company to make sure that their taxes have all been filed in an appropriate manner.

According to DataReporter, there are over 50 million TikTok users in Vietnam, out of a total population of 97 million.

According to Le Quang Tu Do, the government has been attempting to moderate much of the content on the Chinese application, but had found it to be far more difficult than with other social media.

Is TikTok being used as a propaganda tool?

One of the most concerning aspects of TikTok is that isn’t just that it could be used by the Chinese to spy on other countries , but also that whoever guides the algorithms can shape social trends.

Many Western authorities are concerned about the use of TikTok as a propaganda tool, and the way that it can shape society. For example, when one looks at TikTok from China, they are shown a lot of motivational videos and success stories, whereas when one watches from many Western countries TikTok is more likely to show silly antics.

Many countries are now pushing back against TikTok, with the company having been fined in the UK this week and being banned from government devices in Australia, France and the Netherlands.

TikTok has now been informed by the Authority of Broadcasting and Electronic Information that a government delegation would visit its offices in the second quarter of 2023.

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