TikTok has announced that they are to be getting more involved in the industry of music distribution, having cemented significant partnerships with the likes of SoundOn and hiring a new A&R (artists and repertoire) lead.

Over the past few years, the app has cemented itself as one of the most significant social media rising stars, thanks to its captivating short-form videos.

Despite concerns from Western leadership that the Chinese app could be used as a spy tool, the application has grown consistently in popularity and has expanded to generate revenue from advertising, selling data, sponsorships, and now music.

TikTok Signs Significant Partnership with SoundOn

SoundOn is to be TikTok’s new partner for the music space, and demonstrates the application’s determination to compete with other important apps in the space such as Spotify and SoundCloud.

Artists Retain 100% of Royalties with SoundOn

One of the main promises of the NFT space, and one of the reasons that it attracted so much celebrity attention, was thanks to the promise that artists would be able to retain 100% of their royalties.

However, this has not panned out in the way that many imagined.

SoundOn guarantees that artists can retain 100% of the proceeds from their royalties, in a move that is sure to incentivize artists to flock to the app en masse.

SoundOn promises to ensure that artists don’t have to contend with many of the bureaucratic and administrative processes of old and that they can receive their payments for royalties monthly.

TikTok Hiring New A&R Lead for North America

Another indication of TikTok’s determination to cement itself in the music industry has been the fact that they have listed a job posting for an A&R and label services lead.

As such, TikTok will be delving into the music industry and attempting to establish their own record label.