TikTok, one of the world’s most popular social media applications, has been known for integrating new features into its platform to maintain its lead over competitors. However, a new artificial intelligence-backed feature is now getting called out for its possible negative side effects on the platform’s users.

Bold Glamour and Its Amazing Efficiency

Filters are a staple in today’s social media cycle; everyone wants to look better and present themselves in the best possible light. TikTok’s developers understand this, and they’ve joined the bandwagon already.

Last month, the platform rolled out several new features for users, the most prominent being a new filter called Bold Glamour.

Avid users of the TikTok platform would most likely have come across the Bold Glamour filter by now. Essentially, the filter contours users’ faces, baking them into more aesthetically pleasing versions of themselves.

However, while this isn’t new, the efficiency and length to which Bold Glamour does this are already causing a bit of a stir online.

One user, who used the platform, was so shocked at how she looked that she immediately exclaimed that it wasn’t her. Others have called for the filter to be removed, with some using terms such as “illegal” to describe it.

Of course, it is worth noting that this isn’t the entire word on the street. As with all updates, Bold Glamour has its fans and its detractors. And as you can bet, the platform’s users who care about their looks and beauty standards will surely get a kick out of using it.

Have Filters Gone Too Far?

Love it or hate it, there’s an undeniable truth about Bold Glamour – it is a fantastic filter. The product was released to accomplish one thing; make people look prettier. And regardless of what people say, it accomplishes that to a terrifying perfection.

The filter transforms users’ faces vastly differently from traditional beauty filters. It adds sharp contouring to the face’s sides, makes lips plumper, and keeps eyebrows lusher.

Bold Glamour also adds a sparkly, glazed look to the eyes. And since it broke out, the filter has been used over 9 million times on TikTok.

However, it is interesting that TikTok has been pretty silent about how it works. Most experts believe that Bold Glamour operates using some form of artificial intelligence – just like Lensa AI – the AI-powered tool millions have been using to make portraits of themselves.

And considering that TikTok released several AI-based updates to creators last month, there is a sense that Bold Glamour could be AI-based too.

But, so far, TikTok has failed to comment on the tools’ origin and technological backing.

Another seeming issue appears to be that Bold Glamour could have some unintended psychological effects.

Speaking on the filter with NBC News, TikToker Hira Mustafa explained that the filter could create some unsubstantiated beauty standards in many young ladies.

As she pointed out, the filter essentially creates a different face. And with many women turning to surgery to make themselves look like these filters, there is a risk of this trend continuing now that an even more advanced filter tool is available.

Dr. Renee Engeln, a professor of psychology at Northwestern University, also pointed out the concern of filters with mental health in an interview with NBC News.

As she explained, comparing oneself to a famous person is one thing. But comparing yourself to a different beautiful version of yourself that doesn’t exist is a different situation entirely.

Given how popular Bold Glamour has become, the question of filters and their effects on social media users continues to linger.