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Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology continues getting more use cases in various industry sectors and the CEO of Reach, a British newspaper publisher, has revealed that it has already published its first AI-written articles.

CEO Jim Mullen confirmed that the publisher had published three AI-written articles last week during Reach’s 2022 earnings call.

Reach Publishes Its First AI-Written Articles

AI integration came into the spotlight last year after OpenAI launched its chatbot, ChatGPT, prompting a surge of interest in the tech.

It has attracted mainstream adoption, including Reach – which publishes leading UK tabloid the Daily Mirror and numerous regional titles – with Big Tech companies in an arms race to produce more AI-powered utility.

ai generated - 7 things to do in newport

Reach announced plans to integrate artificial intelligence technology in article writing earlier this year.

Mullen has revealed that the first AI-written articles debuted on a local news site last week:

“There are three AI-written articles about Newport in your area. One was ‘Seven Things to do in Newport,’ written by a bot.

“AI allows us to produce content that our readers are interested in, and allows us then to focus journalistic resources on things like breaking news.

“It was all AI-produced but the data was obviously put together by a journalist, and whether it was good enough to publish was decided by an editor.”

Reach is not the first publisher to integrate AI tech in article writing – in 2014, The Associated Press in the United States published its first AI-written articles.

Bloomberg has also adopted the new AI tech to write news.

The New AI Tech To Boost Profit Gains

Reach hopes the AI integration will boost its profit earnings and Mullen noted that it will focus on AI investments this year.

It’s worth noting that Reach recently laid off more than 200 staff in the UK to reduce its operating costs.

In its 2023 investment plans, Reach publisher will focus more on efficient procurement throughout the print supply chain and hopes the plan will lead to savings of 5-6% of the operating costs, up to £30 million.

Moreover, the Daily Mirror publisher hopes to expand investment in the United States to reach millennials.

Reach recently developed a “playbook” for reaching new audiences and, by the end of the year, Reach expects to have hired over 100 journalists on the ground in New York.

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