Silicon Laboratories

Silicon Labs, a multinational technology company that designs and produces semiconductors and other silicon devices, has successfully launched its new xG27 chipset. The new chipset can be used in the medical sector to develop clinical wearable devices.

Silicon Labs Unleashes Its Latest xG27 Chipset

In a March 14 interview with the Verge, Sam Ponedal, the spokesperson of the Silicon Laboratories, confirmed the successful launching of its tiny chipset. Device makers can leverage the new xG27 SoC capabilities to develop a tooth-mounted sensor and other wearables.

According to Ponedal, the new xG27 came into two versions, the BG27 and MG27. Although both are built around the ARM Cortex M33 processor, the BG27 is Bluetooth enabled, while MG27 supports Zigbee and other protocols. The new chipset range from 2mm squared to 5mm.

The new chipset operates on as low as 0.8 volts, making it suitable in the medical sector to make wearable devices that monitor glucose levels. The new chipset opens the door for greater wearable use in hospitals and clinical settings, including making a tooth-mounted sensor that can read saliva.

Lura Health Adopts xG27 Chips To Make Saliva Reader

Lura Health, a medical device maker, has leveraged Silicon BG27 to make its salivary diagnostic sensor. Lura Health’s tooth-mounted wearable sensor is small and can be glued to a molar tooth to monitor a patient’s saliva continually. The new sensors will allow dentists and clinicians to test for over 1,000 health conditions.

In the meantime, Lura Health claims it has finished clinical trials for the sensor with UConn Orthodontics and is preparing to undergo the FDA regulatory process. Upon approval, the new product will flood the market in the next 12 to 18 months.

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