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Pushing the boundaries of advertising norms, Snap Inc. — the creator of the Snapchat application — is venturing into AI marketing by integrating its newfound artificial intelligence chatbot, My AI.

The strategy involves capitalizing on 10 billion messages from users to boost advertising efforts.
According to Snap Inc., 20% of Snapchat’s monthly users, approximately 150 million people, have interacted with this chatbot since its debut in February.

My AI is venturing into a multitude of areas of interest, from advice on skin care to specifics on the latest sports cars. This utilization of AI marketing holds the potential for a significant overhaul of conventional advertisement strategies.

AI ChatBots, the Jokers in Marketing

Snap Inc. is joining several other social media platforms that have recently entered the AI marketing arena. They share the objective of utilizing the technology to maintain user engagement and enhance revenue.

With increasing pressure to prove the economic viability of these AI chatbots, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that they are more than just a gimmick.

The introduction of My AI has already sparked an upward trend in Snap’s subscription business. Snapchat+ has witnessed a surge in subscribers, reaching over 3 million people since the AI tool’s introduction.

The spike suggests a growing consumer interest in AI, potentially reshaping the field of digital marketing.

“Chatbots may still provide real utility for advertisers even after the novelty wears off,” notes principal analyst Jasmine Enberg in Insider Intelligence’s recent social media chatbots report.

Adapting to New Norms – Snap and Apple’s Privacy Changes

With tech giant Apple Inc. recently revising its privacy policies, the ability to track ads and target specific audiences on applications has taken a significant hit. The policy shift has prompted the social media marketing industry to devise fresh strategies to understand user interests based on in-app activities.

Snapchat, predominantly a private messaging platform, typically offers limited insight into user activities. Traditionally, it relied on understanding user behavior based on viewed videos in publicly posted stories or the Spotlight video feed. However, the introduction of My AI is set to change this and will target commercial messages better based on users’ interests.

Snap Inc. has commenced tests to integrate sponsored links from advertisers into conversations with My AI – a strategy that generates revenue even from users not subscribed to Snapchat+. The goal is to subtly include a link to a product in relevant discussions about subjects like clothing or beauty. This focus, as CEO Evan Spiegel confirms, is of prime importance to the company.

My AI – A Broom that Sweeps Clean

Beyond advertising, My AI is also refining Snap’s foundational ranking models — the algorithms that show personalized content, lenses, and photo and video filters to users. The objective is to lure users into spending more time on the app.

“We see tremendous potential for My AI to improve the relevance of content we deliver to Snapchatters,” said Rob Wilk, Snap’s president of Americas, in an email.“Whether that means surfacing the right creator, AR experience, or mobile video from our advertising partners.”

The potency of AI marketing lies in its personalization capabilities. Marketers are willing to invest in digital ads when they can reach users who are likely to be interested in their products.

With My AI, Snap is giving users a powerful resource that can provide recommendations while informing them that their conversations may be used to personalize their Snapchat experience.

In a nutshell, with AI marketing, the future of advertising seems to be transforming. Whether it’s sharing specifics about popular car brands or helping with a craving for a McDonald’s burger, My AI is becoming an essential tool to deliver personalized experiences.

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