fiat launches new electric powered vehicle called topolino

Fiat revealed yesterday its new version of the Topolino, a small electric urban automobile designed to enrich mobility within cities through joy and sustainability. According to some of the media made available by the company, it may come with a little shower and some other quirky perks.

The Topolino provides “sustainable freedom in the city” thanks to its reduced environmental footprint in various areas, the official press release from the company highlighted. It has a reduced carbon footprint as an electric vehicle, its small size requires less space and infrastructure, and it produces less noise compared to internal combustion engine vehicles.

The Topolino lineup consists of two body styles – the “closed” Topolino and the open Topolino Dolcevita. Both share the same color (Verde Vita), wheel design, and interior aesthetic. They also offer customization options with personalized accessories – i.e. a rack for luggage and a small fan.

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The Topolino is ideal for short urban trips due to its small size, maneuverability, and limited 45 kph top speed. However, it offers enough electric range – up to 75 km – for driving decent distances before having to recharge the vehicle.

It takes approximately 4 hours to fully charge the Topolino according to the vehicle’s tech specifications.

Customers Can Create Custom Versions of Their Topolino and Order It Online

The Topolino pays homage to Fiat’s history by taking its name from the original 500 model, affectionately known as “Topolino” for its small size. Like its predecessor, the Topolino has a simple, timeless design focused on “less is more”.

The Topolino’s key attribute is freedom – the freedom to share rides with loved ones, drive in any conditions, and park anywhere. Despite its small size, the two-seater offers generous interior storage space thanks to clever storage compartments.

Customers can personalize their Topolino to accentuate its Dolce Vita character. The open Topolino can be customized with stripe stickers on the roof while the closed version can have wood effect decals on the doors. Other optional accessories include a portable shower, vintage-style mirrors, and seat covers that double as beach towels.

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Fiat aims to make the purchasing process for the Topolino simple with a digital buying journey that takes just three clicks. Customers will be able to track their order. The Topolino will be available in Italy by the end of 2023 and in the UK in 2024.

The Topolino will help Fiat achieve its vision of complete electrification by appealing to a young audience that values sustainability. Fiat plans to offer the Topolino for purchase at an affordable price in line with its targeted market segment.

The entry price could be around $10,000 or its equivalent in euros according to early information provided by Stellantis, the parent company of Fiat, earlier this week. This price is for the Italian market.

Tesla Leads the European EV Market as Model Y Sales Account for Nearly 10%

top selling electric vehicles in europe from jan to april 2023

Electric vehicle registrations within the European Community increased by 25% during April 2023 as nearly 200,000 plugin automobiles were bought by consumers during this period. Tesla’s Model Y was by far the best-selling model of all with 10,778 units being bought by the public.

In the first fourth months of the year, Model Y’s sales accounted for 9.6% of the total. Total registrations during this period of its closest rival, the Volvo XC40, were only 3.1%, which makes Tesla (TSLA) the most successful EV manufacturer due to the popularity of its most affordable model.

Stellantis’ share of the EV market in Europe in April stood at 13.9%, making it the second-largest manufacturer in units while Volkswagen is leading the scoreboard with a 19.6% market share as per data from the European Commission’s Fuels Observatory.

A total of 4,072 units of the Fiat 500e, the brand’s top-selling EV, were registered in April, making it the 9th top-selling model in the region during this period. The success or failure of the Topolino could radically impact Fiat’s footprint in the European EV market depending on how consumers embrace its value proposition.

The Topolino’s most enticing characteristic is its convenience to drive in the usually small streets of European cities and villages that date back to the Roman empire. Fiat seems to be aiming to appeal to a young audience with this brand-new model