In the ever-evolving world of app development, staying ahead of the competition and understanding user engagement is crucial. To achieve this, developers need accurate metrics and insights to guide their decision-making process. That’s where the BRAG Index comes into play.

This powerful tool has gained recognition as an invaluable resource for app developers, providing comprehensive data and analysis.

Understanding the BRAG Index

The BRAG Index is a valuable tool for app developers who want to understand how their app is performing and how they can improve its growth. The index measures “Brand Relative App Growth” (BRAG), which is a measure of how well an app translates its brand funnel (awareness and interest) at the beginning of a quarter, into actual installs by the end of the quarter.

The BRAG Index measures the relationship between brand building and user growth for mobile apps. It is based on a unique methodology that combines brand awareness data from Digital Turbine, in partnership with GWI – with user growth data from Apptopia.

The index calculates an app’s Brand Power score, which is based on factors such as app awareness, intent to install, and social media engagement. The index then calculates an app’s UA Brand Efficiency score, which is the ratio of app installs to brand power.

The BRAG Index is calculated by dividing an app’s install growth by its brand power. Brand power is a measure of how well-known and respected an app is. It is calculated using a variety of factors, including app store ratings, social media mentions, and search engine traffic.

The Index is a valuable tool for app developers who want to understand the factors that are driving success in the mobile app market. The report provides insights into the strategies that are working, as well as the trends that are impacting the market.

Why BRAG Index is Considered a Priceless Asset in the Realm of App Development

The BRAG Index offers app developers valuable insights for deeper understanding and optimization. It analyzes user behavior, aiding in identifying pain points and enhancing user experience. The focus on user retention helps developers implement strategies to boost engagement and loyalty.

The index also provides insights into acquisition channels to attract new users effectively. Furthermore, it empowers developers with actionable insights for monetization and sustainable growth.

Brag Index also identifies four key strategies that are driving success for mobile apps which app developers can apply themselves: Ad execution, product-led growth, device integration, and community marketing.

Source: Digital Turbine

Product-Led Growth strategy

This strategy focuses on creating a great product that users love. When users love a product, they are more likely to share it with their friends and family, which drives brand awareness and growth.

Some apps achieve growth through their unique and high-quality products, while others employ strategies like loyalty programs and user referrals. Tubi, with its “Watch Movies Free” approach, attracts users seeking cost-effective options and benefits from positive word-of-mouth recommendations. Its strong brand presence and momentum give it a competitive edge in the market.

Video streaming app index
Source: Digital Turbine

Device Integration Strategy

This strategy focuses on integrating apps with devices. For example, an app might be integrated with a smartphone’s lock screen or notification system, making it easier for users to find and use the app, which in the end, drives installs and engagement.

Apps have achieved remarkable growth by integrating into the device experience, as seen with Shazam’s partnership with Apple. While Shazam’s success isn’t solely due to its brand sentiment, it thrives thanks to Apple’s intelligent discovery features. Popular platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram, under Meta, continue to flourish by effectively integrating their properties, creating seamless experiences for users.

Social media index
Source: Digital Turbine

Community Marketing

Community Marketing is a strategy that focuses on building a community around an app. This can be done through social media, forums, or other online channels. When users feel like they are part of a community, they are more likely to stay engaged with the app, which drives growth.

Certain apps have excelled by catering to niche communities, such as BeatMaker Pro for DJs, understanding their unique needs, and fostering deeper connections. By offering tailored features and services, these apps have experienced organic growth and expanded their user base.

Similarly, apps like Peacock TV have effectively targeted micro-communities, like WWE fans, through personalized campaigns, leading to increased app adoption and user engagement.

Advertising Execution

This strategy focuses on creating and delivering ads that are effective in driving user growth. This includes defining the target audience, creating the ad creative, selecting the right ad placements, and tracking the results.

This strategy is important because it helps to reach new users and drive installs. When done well, advertising execution can help to improve the UA Brand Efficiency score, which is the ratio of app installs to brand power. A high UA Brand Efficiency score means that the app is converting brand awareness into installs effectively.

Apps have achieved significant growth by employing mobile advertising strategies like creative storytelling, media mix, influencer collaborations, and innovative campaigns. Spotify’s successful diversification of advertising channels, particularly through Mobile Web placements, highlights the effectiveness of targeting the widespread usage of this platform for enhanced discovery.

By prioritizing preloads with key partners, Spotify expanded its reach and strengthened its impact in the market.

In summary, the BRAG Index is an invaluable resource for app developers seeking to unlock the potential of their apps. By leveraging its insights, developers can enhance brand visibility, improve user acquisition, and drive sustainable growth in the highly competitive mobile app market.

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