TechStorm png, a popular Asian media entertainment network for Millennials and Gen Zs, has announced a brand new partnership with XT’s NFT marketplace. The new integration aims at boosting literacy on GameFi and digital assets, including (non-fungible token) NFTs.

In an August 15 press release, the Southeast Asian media entertainment network confirmed the successful integration with the XT NFT marketplace. The new integration will bring heightened focus on redefining the content experience for TechStorm’s regional audience featured on NFT projects and their creators.

The recent integration appears a few days after TechStorm launched a new media launchpad, alongside the rolling-out of its regular content segment dubbed ‘The Drop.’ The new launchpad featured an innovative collection and exclusive collaborations, which will be handpicked and unveiled on a rolling basis by TechStorm’s in-house team.

TechStorm And XT Integration

Launched in April 2022, XT is one of Asia’s leading, socially infused premium marketplaces with over 100 high-quality curated non-fungible token (NFT) and GameFi projects. XT NFT marketplace is renowned for providing a centralized, multi-chain platform and launchpad where digital enthusiasts can mint, buy, trade, and sell NFTs.

On the other hand, TechStorm is one of the largest and fastest-growing media distribution platforms operating in the Southeast Asian region. TechStorm is the upcoming star in eSport, gaming, and tech innovations, facilitating more than 33 countries across the Asian region.

While expressing his excitement about the new integration, Debbie Lee, the founder of TechStorm, remarked:

“We are excited to embark on our partnership with XT NFT, a new and powerful digital marketplace that aims to draw together artists, creators, and NFT enthusiasts worldwide. As part of our goal to cater to the digital community with projects boasting unique utilities and features, we look forward to introducing XT NFT’s diverse range of high-quality, curated NFTs to provide and boost literacy to the TechStorm audience.”

Under the new collaboration, TechStorm anticipates leveraging the XT NFT Marketplace to enhance literacy on play-to-earn (P2E) gaming and digital assets, including NFTs. TechStorm aspires to enable a young, mobile-savvy audience to approach the NFT space with increased selectivity and connect with a large global community of creators.

Tamadoge is a perfect example of the non-fungible token(NFT) and play-to-earn (P2E) related platform, which might greatly benefit from enhanced NFT literacy.

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