AI model ChatGPT Source: ZDNet

Companies in various industries have been riding the generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) wave by integrating it into their services. TechCrunch has hacked the trend by using ChatGPT to tremendously increase traffic on its site by more than five times.

Unleashing the Power of ChatGPT

The release of ChatGPT sparked an interest and idea in business owners and company executives as to how transformative AI is wherever it is employed. By providing access to its API, OpenAI further simplified the process of integrating ChatGPT into various businesses.

Many companies in many industries have since partnered with the AI company to have ChatGPT enhance their services. Mercedes, for instance, elevated its infotainment systems using ChatGPT which enables it to not only take voice commands but also have voice conversations.

TechCrunch, an online media company, also used ChatGPT to revive its site which was struggling to raise its traffic. With the help of ChatGPT, TechCrunch employed the chatbot’s capabilities to improve its SEO ranking on Google.

According to the media company, this move resulted in positive results across all areas. In less than a year, TechCrunch organically increased the traffic on its site from barely any visits a month to over 3,500 visitors. Additionally, the site reported an increase of over 40% in domain rating whereas backlinks increased by 500%.

This massive growth was attained by using ChatGPT to concentrate on highly-ranking target keywords through AI-generated blog articles that were keyword optimized. The AI capabilities enabled the media firm to maximize keywords such as “best 48 amp ev charger,” which it had not tapped into before the AI integration.

This ChatGPT enhancement raised its keyword count from 300 to over 7,000, resulting in an increase in web clicks from 100 per month to 4000. The move also allowed TechCrunch to participate in discussions with many other blogs.

AI for Content-Based Companies

According to TechCrunch, its strategy of customizing ChatGPT for its use case can be applied by any other company to improve its marketing. For starters, a company looking to harness generative AI capabilities should train the AI model to discover the best keywords.

“Before asking ChatGPT to generate an entire strategy document from scratch, you need to begin with the basics. Start by identifying your goals and let that inform your process,” TechCrunch advises.

The business should ask the chatbot for the most popular terms associated with its industry. Thereafter, it is important to delve deeper and find related phrases and alternatives. For instance, TechCrunch asked, “What are the most common SEO keywords related to the EV charging industry?”

In response, ChatGPT stated “electric vehicle charger,” “EV charging station,” “level 2 charger,” and “home EV chargers” among others.
The company should then engage the chatbot further into classifying the provided keywords into either commercial, transactional, or informational. Using these categories, the platform is then able to produce targeted content using smart prompts.

In addition to keywords, a business should inform ChatGPT about it by feeding it some of its social media pages, press releases, and information on the ‘About Us’ page. By doing so, the AI system begins to provide better recommendations and more accurate results pertaining to the company.

At this point, companies can now use the trained session of ChatGPT to generate content for its pages such as Search Engine Optimization(SEO)-optimized articles and titles.

AI has proven instrumental in helping content-based businesses to elevate their content and grow their user base. As a result, according to Forbes Advisor, one in three businesses plan to use ChatGPT to create website content, while 44% aim to generate content in multiple languages.

Aside from generating content, AI is useful in creating personalized content recommendations which also drive web traffic. Netflix has benefitted from this application by using AI to recommend movies to users based on their activity on the platform.

AI can also be employed to increase user engagement as well as their satisfaction from visiting a platform. After learning about a user’s preferences, AI could optimize a platform creating a more personalized, efficient, and intuitive experience.

By using AI to reduce page load times, websites can provide a faster and smoother experience for their users, leading to increased engagement and causing them to prefer the page hence more traffic.

Challenges of Using AI to Drive Web Traffic

Despite the benefits AI has for content-based pages, it certainly does come with its list of drawbacks. For instance, AI is not necessarily the most affordable technology to adopt. Implementing and maintaining AI systems can be expensive, and small or new websites may find it difficult to invest in the technology. It still requires lots of hours of fact-checking and editing to make sure you aren’t posting a ton of bad content.

Additionally, for tasks such as content recommendation, AI requires a lot of personal data from users to be able to understand their preferences. However, this could result in a breach of data privacy which hurts more than it helps a company.

Considering how efficient AI has proven to be in this use case, companies could easily fall into an overreliance on the technology. Writers could lose their creativity and ability to curate content for their pages without the assistance of AI.

This becomes a problem in the event the system fails or is unavailable at a given time as the business is unable to create high-quality content to keep its site running with the same level of web traffic.

With these effects in mind, businesses can make informed decisions on how best to employ AI and ChatGPT in their content while also mitigating the potential negative impacts.

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