Sub-Par Chargers and Eye-Watering Prices Slow EV Adoption

The conversation to switch to electric vehicles (EVs) to save the environment has been loud over the past few years. However, as governments and environmentalists urge people to turn towards EVs, there are clear reasons people prefer to stick with fossil fuel cards. These reasons include the charging mechanisms of these EVs and the high costs of these vehicles.

EV charging issues attributed to low adoption

In the US, most electric vehicle owners have said that public chargers are user-friendly. The user-friendliness is only a factor when these chargers are working since there are many downtimes when using these devices.

A new survey by JD Power Survey showed that while public charging stations were easy to use and becoming easily accessible, the faulty experience was dampening the need for consumers to turn towards EVs.

The slow adoption of EVs is not suitable for the environment as conversations around global warming and climate change continue. EVs are expected to play a crucial role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions significantly as transportation is one of the largest sectors globally.

Of the 11,554 owners of electric vehicle batteries and plug-in hybrid vehicles involved in the JD Power survey, one in five said they failed to charge their vehicles despite visiting the charging stations.

72% of the drivers that failed to charge said it was because of malfunctioning charging stations, while some stations were labeled out of service. The findings of this survey are not different from the ones published by UC Berkeley earlier this year.

JD Power also revealed that the EV owners based in the US were less satisfied with the public level 2 chargers. The level of satisfaction in 2022 was lower than the one reported in 2021. On a 1000-point scale, level stations received a 633 score. Level 2 chargers can fully charge an EV in only four hours. It is faster than the standard outlet that can take over 40 hours.

The JD Power study also found that the level 3 charges had recorded the same level of satisfaction in 2022 as in 2021. Level 3 chargers can fill an EV battery in less than 20 minutes, but they are rare.

Price is also an issue

The other factors inhibiting EV adoption are cost and ease of payment. The survey also looked at the charging costs, revealing that drivers were unsatisfied with the figures, as they made the scores go even lower down the board.

Another survey sampling 2040 US adults in the survey showed that as much as 81% of US adult consumers found buying electric cars to be expensive. Tenet, an EV financing company, sponsored the survey in question.

The JD survey also classified Tesla as the most preferred station operation. On the other hand, EVgo and Blink lagged.


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