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The new streaming platform,, has been winning over creators in the streaming space since its launch a few months ago. The site allows creators to stream all types of content, uncensored, which has helped it lure creators from Twitch which has strict guidelines about what is acceptable and what is not.

No Rules, Big Paychecks

Last year in December, Ed Craven, the owner of a massive offshore online crypto casino called, likely helped launch of with the Australian gaming company he is a partial owner of, EasyGo Gaming. The streaming platform has gained fame for its almost non-existent rules (or at least rare execution on these rules) which have helped it attract creators whose content is questionable.

Aside from the unregulated freedom, has also risen up the ranks among creators due to its fat paychecks. For instance, last month, Kick signed a two-year contract with one of Twitch’s most popular streamers, xQc, for $70 million along with incentives that could add up to another $30 million.

According to the creator’s agent, Ryan Morrison, the total rises to about $100 million if performance incentives are included. This deal is close to the two-year extension inked by LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers last year making it one of the largest in the entertainment industry.

xQc, also known as Félix Lengyel, rose to become a live-streaming star with close to 12 million subscribers. The 27-year-old chats with fans and plays video games on lives and can attract tens of thousands of viewers at a given time.

“Kick is allowing me to try and do things I haven’t been able to before. I’m extremely excited to take this opportunity and maximize it into new creative and fresh ideas over coming years,” xQc said after inking the contract.

Similar sentiments are shared by another massive Twitch streamer and Onlyfans creator Kaitlyn Siragusa, also known as Amouranth, who signed a $7 million contract. Her agent, who is also xQc’s agent, said that the contract could be worth $30 million with performance incentives.

Creators have been complaining that Twitch has become less responsive to its online community. Instead, the Amazon-owned platform is said to be more focused on profitability than satisfying its creators. These complaints arose after the platform increase the portion of subscription income it takes from creators. vs. Twitch

To compete, Kick stated that it would only take 5% of the fees, compared to Twitch which leaves creators with 50% (mostly, some can get a limited 70% deal) and takes the other half. While this is a substantial amount considering Twitch made $2.8 billion in subscription revenue last year, Kick’s offering is more shocking.

Kick is expected to be making profits on its massive investments and generous offerings. According to Craven, Kick’s CEO, the platform’s revenue model is based on advertisements. However, so far, Kick is yet to introduce advertisements at the start of and during streaming on the platform.

The platform is likely being supporeted by its connection to gambling platforms, especially provides a place for

Compared to its rival, Twitch plays 2.5 minutes of advertisement per hour on 13 times as many channels as Kick. Notably, Twitch has never generated any profits despite the more reasonable revenue model. As such, analysts have labeled as a customer acquisition project for Stake.

“The only place that I can get to is that Stake recognized it was a way to organically advertise gambling to people through creators. But to build an entire platform around that is a bit disingenuous,” said Marcus “djWheat” Graham, a former executive at Twitch.

The platform allows gambling, suggestive content (but not nudity), and many other things which have been banned on Twitch. It has also been famously spotty at enforcing the rules it does have such as copyright infringement. xQc famously watched movies and even Breaking Bad on stream (which is very likely clear copyright infringement). Both the loose rules and poor enforcement make it difficult to see how the platform would be able to attract advertisers to such anarchy (luckily for them they have probably realized the difficulty in this and started working on sanitizing the platform and reducing abusive comments within its communities. However, signing xQc and other streamers haven’t exactly helped the platform on this front and only created issues with copyright infringement especially.

In spite of Kick’s confidence in its ability to become the top streaming platform in the world, much remains to be seen on how it will weather the industry.

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