Strava and spotify

Fitness tracking app, Strava, has partnered with Spotify to launch an in-app integration that allows users to stream Spotify music while using Strava to track their runs.

Since Strava was launched in 2009, the norm has been to switch between the fitness and the music app when attempting to control the music and record workouts simultaneously, a situation that caused frustration for many users.

However, this integration now allows users to access music, podcasts, and audiobooks while still on the Strava app. Not only can users play their favorite songs, but they can also skip, pause, resume, and search for other songs which grants them absolute control of their playlist just as they would on the Spotify app.

“It’s just one of those things we know people have been asking for a long time, and finally, the stars aligned,” said Mateo Ortega, Strava’s vice president of connected partnerships, when speaking on this partnership.

Additionally, he expressed his excitement about partnering with Spotify to seamlessly integrate music and movement adding:

This new feature further solidifies Strava’s position at the center of connected fitness and continues to demonstrate the power of the global community of active people on Strava.

Furthermore, Spotify through its VP of Business Development, Ian Geller stated that its goal was to be available everywhere for its listeners, be it at the gym, on a run, or any other place in between.

Geller further stated:

This integration with Strava is another way we’re moving with our listeners and allowing them to seamlessly connect to the music and audio they love.

In the announcement, Spotify also revealed that Strava would be “taking over” the workout playlist as of April 20th. The activity tracking app will therefore be in charge of curating music that goes into the playlist to encourage users to move more.

The integration should be available to users once they begin a new workout. In the event it does not appear, the user can update their Strava app which will contain the rolled-out feature.

Strava: The Switzerland Of Fitness Devices

While many other fitness apps have integrated music into their systems before, Stava’s integration is different. Other apps’ version of integration such as the Runkeeper app entails playing the app’s predefined playlist which prevents users from listening to the music they prefer and really like.

This provides a good niche for Strava seeing as its integration not only allows absolute control of the music but also allows other audio options such as podcasts and audiobooks.

“Our strategy has always been to be the Switzerland of fitness devices. We want everything to work with Strava,” said Ortega

So far, Strava has managed to integrate with many fitness devices ranging from the Lululemon Mirror and Peloton bikes to Apple watches. Strava has become available such that regardless of the platform you use, or the fitness tracker or app you use, you will still be able to connect with friends and share your workout.

Spotify is not the only high-profile integration that Strava has secured. A few months ago, the fitness app partnered with Snap to launch a new lens that allows users to share their fitness journey on Snapchat. The Strava Activity Lens enables a user to connect directly to their Strava profile, giving them access to their stats and activity maps from their recent workouts.

When asked about the possibility of integrating other music platforms, Ortega did not rule out the possibility but noted that Spotify was a great fast step hence more partnerships are expected to follow.

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