spotify launches new ai-powered dj feature

The music streaming platform Spotify is launching a new feature powered by the artificial intelligence solutions created by OpenAI that delivers a curated selection of music by using this technology.

The DJ feature will employ both the user’s historical activity and songs that the system thinks they may enjoy to come up with a playlist. Alongside the music, there will be a “stunningly realistic voice” that will share interesting comments about the artist, song, and album being played. This specific feature is powered by the technology from Sonantic – a company that Spotify (SPOT) acquired in June last year.

The company used the voice of Xavier “X” Jernigan to model the AI-generated voice. Jernigan is the Head of Cultural Partnerships for Spotify and a successful podcaster whose tone and style have been well received by the platform’s users.

Spotify said that, as users interact with the DJ by rating its recommendations, the more on-point these suggestions should be. As time passes, the AI-powered feature should be able to deliver highly personalized song selections that users will love.

How Does Spotify’s Partnership with OpenAI Work?

To create the DJ feature, Spotify used the AI model devised by OpenAI and fed it additional facts and interesting comments made by the company’s music editors, scriptwriters, and other experts. This, alongside the original knowledge base that the model relies on, should be enough to deliver highly insightful commentary.

No specific details about how Spotify is collaborating with OpenAI for the creation of this new feature have been revealed. However, more and more companies have kept embracing the technology created by the Microsoft-backed tech startup.

For now, the beta version of the new DJ feature will only be available to US and Canadian users. Once tested, Spotify will probably make it available to users worldwide.

The streaming giant may be proceeding with caution as both Microsoft (MSFT) and Alphabet have encountered issues with their AI models, which can often deliver inaccurate responses to users’ questions.

Spotify Excels at Delivering a Highly Customized User Experience

Spotify’s ability to deliver extremely personalized music selections has been one of the keys to its success. Some of its previous home runs include the Discover Weekly feature, which delivers a curated selection of 30 tracks every week that users have never heard based on their musical tastes.

According to the company, over 2.3 billion hours of music have been listened to by users who used this feature in the first five years since its inception. In addition, the Sweden-based streaming giant also created its now revered annual “Spotify Wrapped” playlist, which incorporates interesting summaries and comments about users’ listening activities throughout the year.

Last month, Spotify laid off 6% of its workforce as most tech companies are right-sizing their organizational structures roughly two years after the pandemic prompted them to aggressively increase their headcount.

Spotify is competing with several other streaming platforms including Prime Music, YouTube Music, and Deezer, all of which are constantly looking for ways to eat a portion of the pie.

The company has also kept delving into the podcast business with the acquisition of several production studios and individual deals with celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Even though this business has not been particularly lucrative for the platform – being accountable for roughly 2% of its top line in 2022 according to some sources – the company may continue to invest millions into it to become a powerhouse and the undisputed leader in this particular field.

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