Spotify Introduces New Year’s Hub: A Classic Popular Music Remix

Spotify, the popular music streaming service, has launched a new hub that’ll be handy during the rush of celebrations.

The Music streaming service has launched a New Year’s Hub, which will provide users with access to iconic party playlists and unique takeovers from artists such as Rita Ora, Charli XCX, Céline Dion, and N-Dubz.

Spotify also announced in a blog post on Thursday that starting on January 1, 2023, users will be able to find content to help them make resolutions on the application’s main page.

The Hub Has Music for Everyone

The New Year’s Hub has featured playlists to suit your mood, whether you like a heart-pounding dance party or a low-key evening. No more information was provided, although you can expect playlists for meditation, better-quality sleep, and exercise.

For those who wish to ring in the New Year with a dance party, upbeat playlists like “Party Hits,” “Get Turnt,” and “Afro Party Anthems” are available.

Last year, 82,000 New Year’s Eve playlists were created between Christmas and January 31.Spotify Blog Post

Playlists may not seem particularly significant on a night like this, but according to Spotify, approximately 40,000 New Year’s Eve playlists were made.

The New Year’s Hub has a ton of playlists that’ll make it convenient for you to ring in the new year with some of the best songs from the previous year, retro mixes, and slow jams.

The hub also serves those on the other end of the spectrum who want to kick back and unwind as a new year begins.

You can also select from various DJ mixes from artists like Hardwell, Tiesto, Benny Benassi, and more.

Finding tunes that appeal to everyone’s taste takes a lot of work. So Spotify took a chance and created a playlist of the most frequently played songs from December 2021 to New Year’s Eve.

Pop, K-pop, hip-hop, and trap were the most widely listened-to genres, with disco fox, cumbia, party Schlage, volksmusik, and schlager showing significant increases in listeners.

Popular songs on these playlists were “Mr. Brightside,” “Hey Ya!,” and “Uptown Funk.” ABBA’s “Happy New Year,” which came in first with a 2,205% rise in plays, and Mariah Carey’s cover of “Auld Lang Syne – The New Year’s Anthem” were among the songs that had a surge in streams.

The Spotify HiFi On Hold

Speaking of resolutions, an important question yet to be answered is “where is Spotify HiFi?”.

Based on the first announcement made at the beginning of last year, the feature is already a year late. In January, the business stated that its launch was on indefinite hold.

Then, in October, we saw what appeared to be the first signs of it happening when a Spotify user of ten years finally gave up and canceled his account.

As the year ends, other platforms are also seeking to provide New Year’s-specific content for increased user engagement.

Following that, the business sent them a survey in which it proposes a Platinum HiFi plan, which is twice as expensive as the Premium plan and offers additional services but, most significantly, HiFi audio.

Unfortunately, the survey is still just that—at least for the time being.

It hurts a little when a company advertises something new that isn’t HiFi or spends a lot of money on something that isn’t that, even though there are many financial reasons for the company’s decision to remain silent about its unfulfilled promise.

This year, Spotify also launched “Wrapped,” a feature that allows users to customize their song selection and includes their most-heard songs and artists.

Spotify revealed last week that it was working on a new feature that would connect its iOS app to HealthKit and provide customers with exercise tracks based on their fitness data.

This would offer the platform access to details such as the user’s calorie burn rate, daily exercise time, etc.