Snap, the company behind the widely-used social media app Snapchat, has expressed its interest in venturing into the augmented reality (AR) shopping sector with the acquisition of Th3rd, an augmented reality firm that specializes in developing AR experiences for e-commerce platforms.

The popularity of social media platforms and the increasing growth of e-commerce has resulted in a surge in the usage of AR technology to enhance the online shopping experience.

AR-powered shopping allows consumers to virtually try on products or visualize how they might appear in their homes before making a purchase.

The acquisition of Th3rd by Snap indicates that the company is looking to leverage this trend by integrating AR-powered shopping experiences into its platform. Th3rd’s proficiency in creating engaging and interactive AR experiences for e-commerce will be a significant advantage for Snap as it works to develop its AR-powered shopping capabilities.

Snap has already made substantial progress in the AR sector, with its Snapchat filters and lenses being popular among users.

Additionally, the company has previously launched e-commerce initiatives such as its collaboration with Amazon, enabling users to purchase products directly from Snapchat.

With the acquisition of Th3rd, Snap is now poised to elevate its AR-powered shopping ambitions, providing its users with an immersive and innovative shopping experience.

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