Pinterest Shuffles, a collage-maker recently soft-launched by Pinterest, is quickly rising in the App Store’s top rankings.

It’s primarily due to the ultimatum from Gen Z users who use new innovative expression tools to develop, publish, and share visual material.

These “beauty” collages with accompanying music are then uploaded to TikTok and shared with friends, family, and the Shuffles community. Shuffles, which is now invite-only, has been the most popular lifestyle app in the US App Store.

On TikTok, the popularity of Shuffles, a collage-making software exclusive to Pinterest, is growing. According to, app intelligence company data,

Shuffles ranked #5 in the United States for the week of August 15-22, 2022, among the Top Lifestyle Apps by iPhone downloads, moving up 72 spots from the previous week.

On August 21, it was ranked as the top lifestyle app for the iPhone, and after moving up 22 spots the day before, it reached the top 20 non-gaming iOS applications in the United States.

What is Pinterest Shuffles?

Pinterest is best known for its shopping and design ideas, but its most recent offering aims to encourage users to express themselves creatively. The company has quietly released Shuffles, an iOS collage-making app for editing images, picture cuts, and other animation effects. This app is only available by invitation, but users can sign up for a waitlist from the main screen.

Shuffles is a social media platform as well as a collage-creation tool. By linking their Pinterest accounts, users can use picture cutout tools to create dream posters and other works of art. The software was quietly uploaded to the Apple App Store and is now only available on iOS and requires an invite code. The app was first made available in late July 2022.

According to data, it received 211,000 iOS downloads during the month, with 160,000 in the United States. Sensor Tower estimates that the app received approximately 338,000 installations during that period. Users say creating on the app is more relaxing than watching doom-scrolling TikTok videos; on the other hand, Shuffles has several features comparable to Picsart.

There is no set date for when Shuffles will be available on Android or in countries where it isn’t already. There is also no indication of how long a person may have to wait before being granted access to the software.

Shuffles’ Popularity on TikTok

Despite a lack of promotion, the Shuffles App has established itself on social media. TikTok videos promoting the app helped it gain popularity. The most appealing feature of this software is the need for an invite code to gain access. Users who do not have a code will be placed on a waiting list until the app is made public. The app not only creates high-quality TikTok videos but also promotes Pinterest.

Users’ collages contain Pinterest-linked items, and tapping one of these items takes you to a page dedicated to that item, which you can then open to view on Pinterest. Following that, users can purchase products by visiting the retailer’s website.

The use of the invite code mechanism on Pinterest, on the other hand, is unrelated to a demand that users fulfill to gain access.

As a result, several TikTokers have complained about begging friends for codes because receiving an invite requires knowing someone. This is reminiscent of the upcoming image cutout function in iOS 16, which is expected to be one of the more entertaining upgrades to Apple’s mobile OS.

Here, you may quickly and easily cut out an object from one of your images, such as your dog, and paste it elsewhere, such as an iMessage conversation. Then, when you touch and hold a picture, it floats off the screen, creating a beautiful effect.

Shuffles Ease Image Cutting

Additionally, shuffles facilitate the process of cutting out images. For example, in many photo editing apps, once you’ve found or taken a picture of an object, all you have to do to add it to your collage and adjust its size and position is hit the “Add” button. Sometimes, you’ll need to use the image-slicing tool provided to get just the right piece of a picture for your project.

Images can be animated to rotate, pulse, sway, shake, and more at your discretion.

For instance, a picture of a record player may be animated to spin like a real one. The completed work can then be stored locally, sent to pals via messaging, or uploaded to a hashtagged online community.

Popular hashtags like #moodboard, #vintage, and #aesthetic, among others, can be browsed in the app’s discovery section, where they join collages marked with these terms.

The app not only creates high-quality TikToks but also increases Pinterest’s user base.

If you tap on an item in a user-created collage, you’ll be taken to a Pinterest page specifically for that item, from which you can access the site in full.

Anytime a user sees a thing they’re interested in purchasing, such as a new piece of fall clothing or a new piece of home decor, they may click on the item and be taken directly to the retailer’s website.

Final Thoughts

The Pinterest Shuffles app is attractive to Gen Z because it combines technology that makes collage-making simple with a desire for artistic expression tools.

The app’s popularity has been boosted because it is, for the time being, exclusive.

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