Twitter Layoffs

An Irish-based senior Twitter executive obtained a temporary High Court order, stopping the social networking giant from firing her. After Elon Musk took over Twitter, the social media network has been racked with controversy: no one knows what’s up with verified checkmarks; half of the app’s leading advertisers have left; the copyright system is broken; a slew of right-wing figures have been reinstated, and so many employees have been let go.

And now, Sinead McSweeney, Twitter’s global vice president for public policy, obtained a temporary injunction from the High Court of Dublin to stop her from being fired. This comes just moments after Twitter’s Brussels office is closed down.

Several Twitter top-tier employees fired amidst Musk’s layoff drive

Musk sent out the email on November 16, giving employees around 36 hours to respond. The employees who didn’t click “yes” were considered fired. McSweeney didn’t hit “yes” since these exit packages did not satisfy her contractual entitlements and that for individuals who wanted to stay with Twitter. The terms and conditions regarding what Mr. Musk expected of them were also not specified in the document.

Despite having plans to continue at the company, McSweeney received an email on November 18 informing her of her “voluntary resignation”.

He accepted that people could be talented but might impact the team negatively.McSweeney about Elon Musk

She says that by failing to answer a generic and nonspecific email delivered to all Twitter employees this month; she has been considered a non-employee. She also mentioned that “exit packages” were issued to her and other employees based on their location because of the email.

According to her, even though the business told her she had accepted an exit package, she didn’t resign. Ms. McSweeney claimed that she chose not to click “Yes” because various aspects of her employment contract lacked clarity. The document did not specify the terms and conditions regarding what Mr. Musk expected of them.

Locked Out

McSweeney said she was cut out of her work accounts and Twitter’s Dublin office after refusing to answer Elon Musk’s email asking employees to comply with a rigorous work culture or face termination.

McSweeney’s lawyers wrote Twitter a letter stating that she did not intend to resign. The company affirmed that her dedication to her profession “had never been questioned” and said that they would recover her access to the IT systems.

McSweeney is still concerned about the “mixed messages” Musk has been sending her. Despite the company’s response, she is still unable to access the IT systems or the Dublin Twitter office. She was also unable to make it to a meeting at the Dublin office as she was denied entry into the building, leaving her humiliated, embarrassed, and upset.

She claims she is “unable to work” and feels her employment is in “no-man’s-land”.

Injunction Against Twitter

Mr. Justice Brian O’Moore granted Ms. McSweeney an interim injunction at the High Court to prevent Twitter from suspending her employment contract.

The injunction, granted while just the plaintiff was present in court, also prevents Twitter from using the terms of the email sent to her by Mr. Musk on November 16 to her condition or contract of employment. Additionally, she obtained a court order preventing Twitter from telling anyone or posting any information, implying that her employment with the firm has changed since November 15. The orders are to stay in effect until further instruction from the court.

Musk claims the layoff spree is over, and Twitter is keen on refilling required positions again

McSweeney isn’t the only Twitter executive fighting job insecurity. Elon Musk convinced former Twitter ad sales director Robin Wheeler to stay after she quit earlier this month, then fired her anyway. Similarly, McSweeney stated that Elon Musk has been firing and rehiring staff with “no apparent logic.”

Elon Musk fired nearly half of Twitter’s employees earlier this month before requesting some of them to return. However, he also stated that the layoffs were over and that Twitter would start hiring to replace any resigned or fired employees.