Reddit Rolls Out Personalized Cards in Its Year Recap Experience Reddit is entering the app recap campaign with its second annual customized recap. This year, users’ recaps will have an automatically created trading card that reflects them and their Reddit journey in 2022.

The recap offers insight into 2022’s most remarkable moments, highlights the site’s most popular communities, and shows the main topic drivers on Reddit and beyond. Redditors published more than 430 million posts in 2022, a growth of 14% from 2021, which is home to about 100,000 active communities worldwide.

Your customized Reddit Recap will include a range of data, including an overview of your Reddit usage, the material you interacted with the most, and the groups you visited or joined. Reddit is providing users with a shareable map that displays their activity on the site this year.

Reddit has also joined the year-end recap bandwagon after Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music

Go to your Reddit profile and tap on the Narwhal icon under your profile on the site or the navigation menu on a desktop to check your own Recap. Following that, you will see several cards with details such as the number of “Standard Banana Units” (SBUs) you have scrolled in, your best-upvoted remark, tiles posted to r/place, changes to your avatar’s attire, whether you are team dog or cat, and communities you might be willing to join.

The trading cards are a brilliant take on shareable recaps, as users’ social feeds are frequently swamped with Spotify Wrapped pictures this time of year. The cards also provide users with an excuse to showcase their Snoo avatars, Reddit’s mascot (including the NFT avatars).

Other Features Offered

Users who complete their Recap initiative will earn a Superpower Reddit Ability, giving them one final, unique chance to compare themselves to other Redditors. The card categorizes Redditors into three groups based on collected Karma points: Rare, Legendary, or Epic. The greater the rating, the prettier the card’s cover; the “Legendary” card covering has a colorful sheen. It also shows their latest Avatar, and the best three communities visited, enhancing the experience.

It creates a generated character based on the user’s interest. Redditors can also get free avatar accessories like the Tardigrade, Banana Mask, and Narwhal by going to the Avatar Builder and selecting them from the Explore menu. All are still accessible to all Redditors, new and old, until January 2023.

You can save and send your customized card to view how you compare to others. If you don’t want your avatar or username on the card, you can have it say “Redditor” and instead add a generic avatar.

Users can also share their Reddit personalized cards without displaying their username

Year-end reviews have become very common due to the remarkable success of Spotify’s annual Wrapped expertise. Reddit’s yearly recaps earlier only included data about the site overall, but starting the previous year, Reddit has joined other businesses in offering users shareable info on their search behavior.

One week after Apple Music, YouTube, and Spotify launched their various end-of-year tailored experiences, Reddit released its recap feature.

Furthermore, Reddit adds that r/amitheasshole was the most popular community in 2022, with r/worldnews coming in third. That alone offers a clear indication of the range of Reddit conversation topics.

The Land of Communities

While it may not have the same internet usage as other applications, Reddit does have strong communities full of highly active and informed users that contribute to the app’s overall spirit of sharing and constructive debate.

If Twitter eventually goes off the rails, Reddit may reap the most benefits. It doesn’t have the same real-time feed style as Twitter. Still, Reddit forums are a terrific place to keep informed and create valuable connections to important sources of information and insight, making it an enticing option for Twitter dropouts.

In any case, there are some great engagement statistics and an exciting activation to mark the year, which might promote Reddit and increase usage.