priceline is partnering with google cloud to embrace generative ai

Priceline is partnering with Google Cloud to deploy generative AI across both customer-facing and internal aspects of its business. Customers will soon benefit from an AI-powered travel assistant chatbot, personalized hotel search, and employees will be benefitted by the launch of several productivity tools.

The first AI deployments will roll out this summer, including a “full-scale travel assistant chatbot” to answer travel questions and book trips directly. An “AI-powered personalized hotel booking experience” will help customers find the best options for accommodation based on their preferences and interests.

Priceline Employees Will Also Benefit from Generative AI

Generative AI will also be used to power marketing tools that can create content for customers and automate some employee coding tasks. Enhanced developer tools will provide improved information search and software capabilities.

Priceline’s CTO Marty Brodbeck said: “Priceline is charting a course to transform the novelty of generative AI into lasting value for our customers and our business.”

She added: “We believe it’s not just about having the latest technology; it’s also about practically targeting innovation to the right challenges and opportunities.”

Using Google Cloud’s tools, Priceline is building a generative AI chatbot to help customers at every step, from researching to booking and accessing customer support. The chatbot will answer complex questions like “What are the best four-star hotel options in midtown Manhattan within walking distance to Central Park?”

Internally, Google Cloud’s Enterprise Search will boost information access so employees can more easily find resources. Priceline developers will also be able to use Duet AI for code assistance and Vertex AI to accelerate marketing content development for promotions.

Google Cloud’s security, practicality, and responsible AI approach align with Priceline’s priorities. Thomas Kurian, Google Cloud’s CEO, said: “Priceline is at the forefront of bringing benefits to both customers and employees…Together, we’re focused on being bold in our AI innovation and responsible in how this new technology will be deployed.”

Google’s Enterprise Search for AI Applications is Helping Companies Deploy AI Tools Faster

google cloud enterprise search

Yesterday, Google Cloud published a blog in which it highlighted how its customers are using the Enterprise Search feature of its Generative AI App Builder to create customized tools with minimal coding in a matter of minutes.

Enterprise Search helps organizations easily create generative search applications with reliable results. By combining their data with Google’s foundation models and search technologies, clients can develop conversational chatbots and semantic searches more easily than ever.

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Traditional enterprise search relies on pattern matching which limits queries, while bespoke generative search solutions often require significant investment and testing. The Gen App Builder can remove these challenges by grounding model outputs in specific data for relevance and accuracy while providing scalability and security out of the box.

The platform incorporates Google’s semantic search, thorough understanding of how users search for information, expertise in relevance ranking, and foundation models. For advanced use cases, Gen App Builder integrates the technology from Vertex AI for model fine-tuning.

Gen App Builder demonstrates how generative AI search can transform enterprises, saving employees time and enabling consumer-facing experiences that provide relevant, personalized responses.

Companies including Vodafone are leveraging Enterprise Search to build a tool that can rapidly query complex commercial contracts.

Meanwhile, the startup enabled the company to achieve a “bit of a moonshot” by synthesizing information from various sources within a month, when it had originally expected the feat would take at least a year.

Google Cloud’s suite of AI products aims to make AI accessible and useful for enterprises, enabling them to gain insights from data and build solutions that have the power to transform their businesses.