Image Courtesy of Porsche AG

Porsche, one of the most lauded sports car automakers in the world, built a spectacular, record-breaking 900-volt hypercar to celebrate its 75th anniversary. The car, named The Mission X, is more of a concept car than anything else, though Porsche hasn’t explicitly revealed its plans for it yet.

Porsche’s chairperson, Oliver Blume, called the spectacular car a “technology beacon for the sports car of the future.” It likely won’t ever reach the production lines and may remain a one-off concept car. However, parts of the ideas and design that went into The Mission X could be used in future production Porsche cars.

What’s So Special About Porsche’s Mission X?

The Mission X isn’t your typical supercar with a goliath 10 or 12 cylinder engine. In fact, it doesn’t have a combustion engine at all. The car is propelled by an astonishingly powerful 900-volt electric drivetrain.

Despite being fully electric, Porsche wants it to be the fastest road-legal car on the Nürburgring Nordschleife, one of the most popular and demanding race tracks in the world. The course is often used to test out the combination of speed and handling of sports cars.

The automaker is no stranger to making the perfect kinds of cars for this ring with fantastic speed and handling. Porsche’s 911 GT2 RS, a hybrid sports car with about 700 horsepower, holds the current record for the Nürburgring.

The automaker said that it hasn’t made a decision regarding the Mission X but that it will be listening to input from its community of supercar customers. Because of the potential for a future production version of the car, Porsche has been mostly tight-lipped about the exact specifications of the car.

Will Sports Cars Play a Role in EV Adoption?

Sports cars like the famous Porsche 911 or the various inordinately expensive vehicles from makers like Ferrari, Bugatti, Maclaren, or Koenigsegg are undeniably exciting marvels of technology. These kinds of cars inspire thousands if not millions of prospective car enthusiasts to pursue their passion.

Porsche has recently pivoted its focus at the very top end to electric and hybrid cars. Electric vehicles and hybrids especially have been seen as a bit boring or ‘lame’ to the car community since their inception but that seems to be changing.

Now it’s hard not to be excited about many of the electric cars coming out today. Some are not so exciting, like Volvo’s upcoming $35k electric SUV, but many of the most sporty and luxurious cars are either fully electric or at least hybrid.

Premium car makers like Tesla, Rivian, Polestar and Lucid are making car fans in droves excited about electric cars for the first time.

Now that many of their favorite supercar brands like Porsche and Ferrari are making ridiculously sporty electric vehicles, more and more enthusiasts will be interested in EVs, especially as they get cheaper and more reliable.

Some car fans, like the incredibly popular car reviewer Doug Demuro, are starting to see the change in the community’s sentiment.

He debated a fellow enthusiast about how much the community will care about EVs and named the Porsche Taycan and the Tesla Roadster as some of the most impactful EVs driving the change in sentiment.

The video embodies the sentiment of car fans well as it’s clear both Demuro and his guest don’t yet prefer EVs but it shows that they are finally getting good enough to at least bring up the question.

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