Death is an unfortunate and irreversible cessation that applies to all biological functions that feature life. In that context, many people may do anything to either completely evade or delay it. Sam Altman has invested millions of dollars into a company to extend his human life span.

Sam Altman Invests Millions To Delay Death

Multiple reports have confirmed that Sam Altman, an American entrepreneur, programmer, and the chief executive officer of OpenAI, has invested $180 million in a bioscience tech firm hoping to extend his human life span.

Sam Altman, the 37-year-old startup guru, who has spent his entire life in the AI ecosystem, came into the spotlight late last year after creating unique chatbots “ChatGPT” and electronic art programs that feature human-like capabilities.

For the past few years, Altman has been investing in a few areas of technology that will positively impact human affairs. In 2022, Altman invested $180 million in Retro Biosciences, hoping to add ten years to the average human life span.

Sam Altman Biotech Investments

Established in 2021, Retro Biosciences is a tech startup focused on building biotech companies and products that save lives. Retro aims to prolong human life by discovering how to rejuvenate our bodies.

Sam Altman became interested in biotech integration about eight years ago when he led Y Combinator, an American technology startup accelerator launched in March 2005. At the time, the firm launched a special research dubbed “Young Blood.”

The “Young Blood” research saw scientists fusing young and old mice so that they may share one blood system. Surprisingly, the research turned positive as old mice were partly rejuvenated. The studies proved that anti-aging breakthroughs might be applied to human beings to extend human life span.

In 2018, Y Combinator launched a special course for biotech companies, inviting those with “radical anti-aging schemes” to apply. But before long, Altman moved away from Y Combinator to focus on his now-growing role at OpenAI.

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