OpenAI shocked the world with their artificial intelligence when they release their language model ChatGPT just a few months ago.

Now, the team have announced that their latest language model is now on its way, and this has excited many in the artificial intelligence community.

GPT4 coming soon

The next iteration of their AI, GPT4, is expected to be released soon by the team at OpenAI, and they are expecting it to be significantly more disruptive that ChatGPT thus far.

GPT4 is to have 150x more computing power than Chat GPT, meaning that the possibilities for the language model to assist in real life are exponentially higher.

The product is expect to be released as soon as this week, according to an announcement from Microsoft.

There has been a significant amount of concern about the extent to which AI will be able to replace jobs in the future, but many are optimistic that such innovation will actually improve the state of humanity and help to achieve a greater state of abundance.

GPT4 comes with text-to-video generation

Many AIs over the course of 2023 have experimented with text-to-image generation, allowing anyone to write some text that generates an image.

At first, the technology on this was highly erratic, and replete with errors: the AIs couldn’t always understand the request appropriately and would make bizarre images that weren’t all that relevant to the text.

However, this has improved dramatically, and AI is now leaps and bounds ahead of where it was only a few months ago.

Now, with GPT4, enthusiasts will be able to use text-to-video generation to create content to their hearts’ content. This opens a series of doors for those who wish to make videos of all forms, and nobody is quite sure of the potential that this could have just yet.

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