The rise in violent crimes across the United States has inspired the founder of ridesharing app, Black Wolf to arm drivers as part of an “executive protection” package to ordinary passengers. Black Wolf is expected to start operations in the Big Apple in four months.

Kerry King Brown, the founder and CEO of Black Wolf claims that all drivers working with the startup have been in private security and are ready to combat crime whenever a need arises, allowing customers to move without worrying about their safety.

The 32-year-old Brown has previously worked for Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green (R-Ga). His company currently operates with 15 cars in the Metro Atlanta area.

“Who are mostly on the news getting robbed, getting raped? The average person,” Brown said during an interview with Atlanta News First. “What I’m creating is a necessary evil. It’s a necessity.”

Black Wolf Rideshare App Boasts 80,000 Downloads in a Week

According to a report shared by Atlanta First News on the ridesharing app, Black Wolf has within a week seen downloads exceed 80,000.

The company through its Facebook page assures customers that every vehicle under its umbrella “comes equipped with GPS Tracking and Live-streaming technology that allows our riders to share with their loved ones.”

Image courtesy of Black Wolf

Customers who choose to ride with Black Wolf‘s legally armed drivers with experience in the military, private security, and law enforcement will pay a premium compared to what they would have paid with apps like Uber and Lyft.

Requesting for an armed driver will set passengers $60 back as the base fee.

However, if the driver isn’t armed, the base fee comes down to $50. Beyond these initial charges, an additional cost of approximately $1.75 would apply per mile.

Although it is a common practice for drivers to speed off immediately after dropping off passengers, Black Wolf’s armed chauffeurs will stay with you after you arrive at your destination.

However, this service is offered as an option, “You touch wait, click on it, [and] it starts the clock,” Brown said.

Black Wolf Drivers Not Here to Fight Anybody

Although armed, Black Wolf drivers know not to draw their guns carelessly.

Brown added that all drivers are handpicked, following a series of background checks followed by vigorous training in tactics aimed at de-escalating possibly dangerous situations such as active shooter incidences.

Black Wolf claims on the website that combined it boasts more than 20 years of experience in “Military Special Ops, Executive Protection, Private Detective, and Professional Celebrity Bodyguard Details.”

Are Armed Drivers Necessary?

For some customers, like Jackelyn Eckles, who spoke to Atlanta First News, having an armed driver makes them feel safe, especially at night.

“I think everyone deserves to feel safe,” she said. “I just feel like there’s been too many incidents on different platforms.”

Brown insists that Black Wolf services cater “to people who see this as value and who want to take their life seriously.”

The deployment of armed drivers in a ridesharing context raises significant legal and ethical questions.

Exploring the legal framework surrounding armed transportation services, this section would delve into the regulations and guidelines that govern such operations.

Ethical considerations, particularly in light of increasing concerns over gun violence and public safety, are also crucial.

Insights from legal experts, law enforcement, and ethicists could provide a well-rounded perspective on this innovative yet contentious service model.

However, not everyone is amused, with some people on Twitter saying armed drivers could harm innocent people amid the rise in gun violence across the country. For instance, Giuseppe suggests that it is important to arm auxiliary police.

Some Reddit users are also concerned about the kind of training drivers receive and whether they get refresher courses to keep them in check.

Moreover, for some, the idea of getting into a car an armed stranger at all is not very appealing, especially when you have to pay extra for it.

“Ah yes, nothing I want more than to hop in a car with an armed stranger. Because none of us have ever gotten into an Uber without thinking, ‘damn I wish this person was strapped,” one of the Reddit users chimed in.

Legally carrying guns does not always guarantee safety, considering the mass shootings in Nashville, Tennessee, and Louisville in Kentucky perpetrated by legal gun holders.

The National Institute of Justice in their study on “Public Mass Shootings” revealed that among individuals who have orchestrated mass shootings in the past, 77% had purchased their firearms legally.

That’s not all, Statista’s disclosure on “Mass Shootings in the US” reckoned that in 94 mass shooting incidents that took place between 1982 and April 2023, involved some firearms were obtained legally.

The law in the US stipulates that to hold a shotgun, rifle, and ammunition one must be at least 18 years and 21 years to legally purchase all firearms. There are some restrictions in place that prevent certain individuals from carrying guns like those who have been dishonorably discharged from the military as well as tourists.

Enhancing Passenger Security: Beyond Armed Drivers

Black Wolf’s approach to safety extends beyond its unique feature of armed drivers.

The app integrates advanced security measures like GPS tracking and live-streaming technology. These features empower passengers to share their journey in real-time with family and friends, offering peace of mind and an additional safety net.

This proactive approach to security reflects a comprehensive understanding of passenger concerns in the current social climate.

Black Wolf’s armed ridesharing services are currently available in the greater Atlanta area but the Brown is planning to expand to New York in a few weeks.

As Black Wolf plans its expansion into New York, the company is poised to encounter both opportunities and challenges in new markets. This move could potentially influence the broader ridesharing industry, possibly leading to new safety features or standards in the sector.

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