Mozilla Rolls Out Fresh Updates to the Pocket App

Mozilla revamped its read-it-later app “Pocket” by adding some brand-new features to give it a new edge. The update includes a home tab, “My List” tabs, curated recommendations, and much more.

The new features aim to improve the user experience by allowing you to easily organize and discover unique content. Besides, the update is also seen as Mozilla’s effort to stay ahead of the competitors like Omnivore and Matter.

Mozilla acquired Pocket in 2017, intending to gain a foothold in the mobile market, where it had struggled to attract users.

People use the Pocket web extensions to save pages they can access using the web and the Pocket mobile app. You can later read or even listen to the article as audio. The new feature allows users to organize and categorize saved content more efficiently.

The new Pocket interface allows users to save articles as favorites, add them to the highlights, and even move the read article to archives. Plus, users can now also create custom tabs on the app.

The new update also brings a Home tab that gives the users combined access to recently saved articles along with recommendations. You can also tap the “See All” button at the top of the screen to scroll through all the items on your read list.

Besides all this, the new update has also replaced the “My List Tab” with “Saves,” where users can filter articles based on the highlights, tags, and favorites.

These updates aim to enhance the reading experience on mobile devices amidst competition from similar apps.

Another notable feature introduced on the Pocket app is the new curated recommendations feature, which uses machine learning to suggest relevant content to users.

It suggests content ­from specific categories related to the user’s interests based on the reading history and the content they’ve saved. The feature can give users an enhanced reading experience, which can help Pocket have the edge over the new rival Matter.

Matter is also a read-it-later app that raised over $ 7 million through Series A funding. Matter takes things further by supporting subscriptions, newsletters, and news articles. It also has a reading community where you can share and discuss articles.

Initial User Feedbacks

The update has received positive feedback from users who have tried it. Many users appreciate the new tabs feature for its ability to organize their saved content more effectively.

Despite some concerns, Mozilla intends to improve the app and plans to release more updates to make Pocket more user-friendly.

However, some users have also expressed concerns about the curated recommendations feature. They feel that the feature needs to be more accurate and that it suggests content that’s not relevant to their interests.

Overall, these new features are a great addition to the app, making it an even more powerful tool for saving and discovering content. The company has come up with Pocket updates after spending time with its users to understand how they can enhance the user experience.

They also added that they had to work more on Android. Therefore, they rolled out the Android updates ahead of iOS. Mozilla expects to roll out the same features on its iOS app later this year.

Despite its niche target audience, Pocket still has a loyal user base of over 2 million active users per month. The app even received Google Play’s Best Apps and Games of 2022 award in the “Best for Tablets” category in 2022.