Moovit Adds Live Location Features Across 38 CountriesMoovit, a top provider of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) solutions and developer of the most popular urban mobility app, launched a new feature to help users reduce the uncertainty and stress associated with their commute. On Tuesday, the Israel-based travel planner app, Moovit, revealed a brand-new feature that lets users watch real-time route movements on a map.

Moovit’s white-label application solution is built on web transit and solid native apps and is supported by the server ecosystem of Moovit, which is designed for an unlimited scale and serves millions of users globally. Based on templates, updates to the app’s name and appearance are made to meet the user’s demands. Moovit gives a thorough and accurate overview of regional travel patterns.

Moovit’s live location feature helps commuters plan their travel better

According to the company, the latest addition to Moovit’s real-time arrival countdown will give users a new degree of precision and certainty during their commute. This new service is being rolled out in more than 220 cities across 38 countries, with more to come. It is available for GPS-equipped ferries, buses, trams, trains, subways, and cable cars.

All Moovit screens with an action bar at the bottom that displays a real-time arrival countdown have access to this feature.

Clicking the “Live Location” option in the screen’s bottom bar allows drivers to view the location of their line at the moment. The map will appear, and the signs will move down the public transportation line, allowing drivers to watch their phones eagerly as the line icon moves nearer their station. The live location vehicle feature will be available on the free Moovit app for Android and iPhone users.

Live location provides the possibility to monitor public transportation lines shown as icons on the map, explore the map as they move (or delay) along the wayYovav Meydad, director of development and marketing at Moovit

Meydad noted that users could monitor various lines driving down the map simultaneously. Travelers can also check when the location information was last refreshed and get service notifications for that line. This additional context layer allows travelers to quickly weigh possibilities in real-time and choose the best way to get to their target location.

Meydad stated that part of Moovit’s aim is “to help transit authorities make cities better places to live,” hoping that the update will increase people’s confidence in public transportation.

Moovit has different layers of guidance to ensure that users reach their destination safely. After choosing a route, users can click “Start” to see the Live Directions screen and receive detailed navigational directions. Users can enable “Get off alerts” so they will be notified when it is time to get off at the proper stop.

Cities will be less crowded, less polluting, and safer to travel in, and by enhancing commuters’ confidence on public transportation — for example, through live location — we believe more individuals can make that changeYovav Meydad

To make it even simpler to find the right stations and underground entrances and generally provide more help, Moovit’s Way Finder feature uses AR to overlay digitalized directions on the camera view.

Moovit collects up to six billion unknown data points per day to count to the world’s greatest urban and transit mobility data collection. It provides AI-powered MaaS solutions for operations, planning, and optimization for governments, transit agencies, cities, and private businesses. These solutions have a long record of increasing ridership, lowering traffic, and improving asset utilization and efficiency.

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