India’s mobile gaming market has been growing rapidly over the past few years. According to Apptica, a trusted app analytics firm, there were a massive 4.32 billion game downloads in India in 2023, a huge 15.3% of all game downloads across the globe.

Surprisingly, India outperforms major countries like the US and Brazil in this gaming trend.

Hence, this trend indicates that an increasing number of people in India enjoy games on their mobile phones, making them extremely popular.

India Emerges as a Gaming Champ: Mobile Game Downloads on the Rise by 0.9% in 2023

As per the latest report, India’s game app downloads have increased by a 0.9% compared to last year, which was seen as a positive sign for the Country’s gaming industry. In the meantime, Brazil secured the second position with 2.99 billion downloads (10.59%), and the US closely followed with 2.57 billion downloads (9.08%).

As mentioned above, India recorded a remarkable 4.32 billion game downloads in 2023, shining brightly in the mobile gaming industry. This achievement indicates India’s growing strength in the gaming market and shows that its position will continue to rise.

Thus, these numbers demonstrate how much India loves mobile games and is becoming a significant player in the gaming world. However, the country’s influence in the gaming world will continue to grow, thanks to the increasing number of people in India who download and play games on their phones,

China Ranks Sixth in Total Game Downloads

China, also famous for loving mobile games, surprisingly came in sixth place for total game downloads with 1.3 billion. That’s only 4.59% of all the downloads. It is unexpected because we always hear about China being a major gaming country.

India is leading the pack with 4.32 billion downloads, showing how much they love gaming too. So, while China might be sixth in downloads, it’s still a major player in the gaming world.

India Dominates Game Downloads, but Revenue Lags Behind

Indeed, India has been rocking the charts in game downloads, but when it comes to making money from gaming apps, it’s not among the top 15 countries. Instead, the US takes the lead in earning an impressive $5.71 billion in revenue, claiming 26.61% of the market.

Moreover, Japan is not far behind, making $4.17 billion (19.43%), and China snags the third spot with $3.32 billion (15.05%). Amazingly, these countries are raking in substantial earnings from gaming apps.

Therefore, India might be a superstar in gaming downloads, but it’s not making as much money as the US, Japan, and China. But don’t worry; there’s still plenty of potential to grow and earn money in the gaming world.

India is still an essential player in the gaming market, even though the US, Japan, and China are celebrating their big earnings. As more and more Indians enjoy playing games, the money part might catch up too.

Google Play Dominates Game Downloads, But App Store Leads in Revenue: iOS Users Emerge as Big Spenders

Another important piece of information is that Google Play is the top choice for game downloads, capturing a massive 88.63% of the market, while the App Store lags with just 11.37% of downloads. However, when it comes to making money, the App Store takes the lead with 56.26% of the revenue, while Google Play secures 43.74%.

This creates a money race between the two platforms, and iOS users are the big spenders in the gaming world. In the first half of 2023, most game genres saw a slight decrease in downloads compared to 2022. Casual games remained popular with 4.15 billion downloads, just slightly below 2022’s 4.25 billion, but their market share increased by 0.62%.

Meanwhile, action games, the second most popular genre, experienced a decline in market share from 4.29 billion to 3.9 billion downloads, a reduction of 0.18%. Simulation games secured the third position with 3.27 billion downloads.

Therefore, the gaming industry showed mixed performance, with casual games holding their lead and even expanding their market share. Despite challenges, gaming continues to be a popular and thriving entertainment choice worldwide.

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